Friday, June 5, 2009

Ok, I'm back.

After a little prodding, (Thanks, Des.) I've decided to blog about the boys.

You know how I took that photography sabbatical last Fall? And then got a snapshot lens and felt like that was a good compromise? Uh, well, let's just say the photography monster is alive and well... Because now instead of neglecting the kids or chores, I neglect the blog in order to learn more about photography. And salivate over gear I want. Oops, did I just say that? I mean, uh, research the gear I'd like to someday invest in. I just need to figure a way to justify it first.

I might be in need of an intervention. The photography monster is back with a vengeance.

Anyways, about the boys...


Lego poses
{He still loves legos, and often asks me to photograph his creations.}

Charlie is growing so much. He's definitely lost all semblance of being a little kid. He is asking questions all.the.time. How do you spell such and such? How do you do so-and-so? Why did God create this? Why did you do that? His intellect is really taking off.

He's also totally pumped about kindergarten. I know I've mentioned that before. I predict it will be a repeat of my first day of kinder. I told my mom good-bye and went to find my seat, completely excited about being a student. No separation anxiety at all. And Mom cried all the way home. I have no doubt the tables will be turned in August.

Also, since pre-k was all about making learning "fun" and how they're having so much fun they don't even realize they're learning...I don't know if kinder will be quite as entertaining. So I hope there's not a big let down for Charlie there. And I really hope I don't have to pry him out of bed every morning. He did well with getting up and to school by 8:45 usually. But I don't know how he'll do for a 7:45 school day, especially if he decides it's not fun anymore.

Silly Face

Charlie also has a new issue in his life: the Nintendo DS. Chuck bought one and got the Star Wars Legos game for Charlie. So I literally have to set a timer throughout the day to get him to pace himself, otherwise he'd play My active child who loved the outdoors would now rather hole himself up in the house and play video games. He went from being like me, to being like Chuck, ha! (Maybe that was Chuck's motive all along. Hmmm. ;)

But Charlie is just becoming a sweet person in so many ways. I LOVE this stage. He's very helpful and I will miss his help when he's in school. He's quite a teacher too. This is how he and Chance are great compliments... He loves to teach, Chance loves to be taught.

He's also picked up a thing or two from me. Today I heard him say "Chance, why did you cut my toothpaste? How would you feel if I cut your toothpaste? That would make you sad, huh? So don't cut my toothpaste again, ok Buddy?" Wow. He's got my little speech down. LOL.

He also decided to call us "Mom and Dad" instead of Mommy and Daddy recently. So when he called me Mom I said, "Yes, Charles?" and that threw him for a loop. I told him Mommy is my nickname, like his is Charlie. Because I'm not ready to let go of being his Mommy just yet...

Yesterday we had some calm talks about obedience. Charlie had been begrudgingly obeying throughout the day. So I was so impressed when he told me this morning, "Mommy whatever you want me to do is what I will do. Even if you tell me I can't play the DS." Awwww....


Silly Face

Chance's big news is he's potty trained!! A few months ago, which I'd blogged about, I'd started training him by having him go naked through the day. Once in awhile we'd try putting underwear on him, but he'd have an accident, so we'd hold off again. He also would say he didn't want to wear undies. But finally a couple of weeks ago he decided he was ready, and he's been doing great ever since! I think he's only wet himself once! Way to go, Big Boy! And yay for us, only one in diapers!! Woohooo!!

Chance is such a great big and little brother. It really amazes me sometimes. He loves to play with Charlie, and while they have their moments, overall they are best of friends. And they entertain each other for hours. In fact, one day this week I left them playing and watching a movie while Chuck was working in the house, so I could go to the dr (and Chandler was napping). Then I got back, grabbed Chandler, and ran him to the dr. Overall they were supervised, but not being entertained, for 4 hours and did great. It amazes me how easy they are now, and how self sufficient.

Thomas poses

And despite Chandler's tendency to wreck up whatever he does, Chance is so sweet and affectionate with him. Usually. ;) Chance loves Thomas and all trains, so I often have to let him close himself in my room to play with his trains, so Chandler doesn't sabotage his tracks. But he is still often giving Chandler hugs and kisses, and sharing his food or toys. While he doesn't have the bent toward teaching Chandler as Charlie had toward him, he definitely cares well for his baby brother. He also loves to blow on Chandler's belly. His laugh is contagious, for sure.

He's quite a talker. He makes friends very easily. He told 3 strangers at the gym about his dreaming of a tornado this week. He truly is not shy. Wonder where he gets that from? ;)


A cute panda

Chan's big news is his vocabulary. Every day there is a new word, it seems. He's got Dadda, Mama, Bye Bye, Shoes, This, and Juice down. He has sounds for bread, bath, cheese stick, Yes, and No. He can also point and grunt until I figure out what he wants.

Also, Chan Man is the Mess Maker Extraordinaire. He is into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe. Chuck walked away from a ladder this week for about 30 seconds, only to find Chan Man half way up when he returned. This guy has a curiosity that would've killed a few cats by now. He pulls stuff off the table and counters, he climbs up everything. He still loves to turn the tv off. I've had to start swatting his hand to get him to stop. Today, when Chuck told him to stop, he actually did! But then 5 minutes later he forgot and disobeyed (while being told to stop again). Oh well, at least it's progress! Also, the way I know he's done with his food in his highchair is when he starts to sling his corn across the room. "Mess maker, Mess maker, make me a mess" is the mantra I think of often.

The monkey phase is in full swing.
{Lil Monkey}

He's a little enamored with the toilet. Whether it's toilet paper, toys, or our cordless phone, he just loves to throw things in!

He is quite the imitator. Today as I had took a wipe and cleaned the cabinet doors, he then took many wipes and cleaned with me. He loves to get the broom out still, and sweep. I'm hoping that trend continues for the next decade or two. ;) If only I could get him to stop trying to clean the toilet with the toilet brush though...ugh.

Today Chance threw 2 matchbox cars at the wall (and got in big trouble for it). So 2 minutes later, Chandler was doing the same thing.

He truly gets frustrated when he can't do what we can do.

Speaking of frustrated, in the last couple of weeks he's figured out how to throw a tantrum. That milestone is always a bummer! He will wiggle himself down to the floor and roll around like he's possessed. I just ignore him (and try to not laugh), and he will get distracted by something he wants to play with... and it's over.

He also has a trick that is quite endearing. He hits the button to play the Alphabet song on his fridge toy, then he dances. He'll do this over and over at times. So fun!

I have lots of pictures and videos, I'm sorry I am not organized enough to get'em all on here in time... Maybe I'll follow up with a media post.

We often have movie time, where we'll pull up the couch this way, and cuddle while watching the tv up close:
Family movie time

While life is hectic, I do feel like we're thriving now. I'm so grateful for this time in our kids' lives, and that Chuck and I get to be around for so much of it.

God has blessed us so much, and it is truly a joy to watch these little souls grow, and personalities develop. My cup overflows...

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The Pettiette's said...

Charlie sounds JUST like my big boys! But Ayden is the lego bulider who asks me to take a picture of every creation and Ryder is OBSESSED with Star Wars legos on the wii. We finally just have had to unhook it and put it away until daddy takes it out with him on "special" days. It did help me out alot while the baby was cranky though! Miss you- haven;t seen you in so long!