Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nana & Big Daddy's

Last weekend all three boys made the trek to Austin to spend the weekend with Nana & Big Daddy (and Aunt Vickie).

Happy to go to Nana & Big Daddy's
So excited!

Happy to go to Nana & Big Daddy's

Happy to go to Nana & Big Daddy's
Such a big boy, going away for the weekend!

The boys had a great time with their family and friends, and then on Sunday, Father's Day, Chuck and I joined the crew for a little celebration. Rudy's for lunch, followed by Dad's famous fish fry for dinner! Yum!

Big Daddy's Boys

Nana and Big Daddy with their grandsons:
Nana & Big Daddy's Boys

And as I was typing this, I realized I have no photo of Chuck with the boys. Sorry babe!!

The boys had such a great time (as did Chuck and I!). Thanks so much, Nana, Big Daddy, and Aunt Vickie for taking such good care of'em!!

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Austin and Ashley Evans said...

SO FUN! and i love seeing yall in the windows of the last pictures - priceless!