Monday, June 8, 2009

Micro Blogging Excuses

So, Twitter started out as a whole "microblogging" idea but has gained a reputation of being where everyone says mundane things, and no one cares. For instance:

However, Twitter is somewhat why I've slacked in blogging lately. Because once I've twittered (tweeted, whatever) about something about the boys, I find it redundant to post a blog about it. Yet, many have told me I should create a book to remember all these little tweets about them. So, here ya go - August 08 thru June 09 tweets. (I can't blame you if you just skim or skip this, it's really a record for the boys to have someday...). And also, if you find me on Facebook, you can see these regularly as well (or myspace).

Overheard while playing an arcade game: "Woohoo we won level 3! Thank You, God!"

Chandler has a new game. It's called Take-Off-Your-Diaper-and-Run-From-Mommy.

Chandler really struggles to understand why he has to share his mommy with his brothers. It's just not fair.

as soon as Chance's shorts hit the floor so he can potty, Chandler runs them to the washing machine. Oh, child after my own heart.
loved watching Big Chan toddle around the room with my sunglasses on, waving at the pretend masses because he KNOWS he's Mr. Hollywood.
"This was a bad day! I had to go to church and I got a spanking!" ~Charlie
Charlie says "If you stop growing & eat too much, your stomach will explode." So Chance says "Look at my tummy, it's so big!"
"So who gives you spankings when you do bad things Mommy?" ~Charlie

Spent the entire day battling the toy invasion. These kids have more than they'd ever be able to play with in their lifetimes!

A tree ran into Chance today. Wait, that's not right...
every time I open the dryer, Chandler thinks he's invited.
One son graduated pre-k, another graduated to underwear this week. These are great, yet bittersweet milestones...
Me: "Charlie did you draw 2 people?" C - "No I drew 2 kids. And the fat one is Chance."

"Mommy, who made God?" ~Charlie
"I had a dream that Charlie was littler than me, and I went to school, and Charlie stayed home." ~Chance (Poor younger child!!)
"Pee Pee Man to the RESCUE!" ~Chance

"It's not fair. Daddy gets Game Nights, you get Girls' Nights. I want a BOY'S NIGHT! Humph." Can you guess who said that?
"I not Chance, I Wuke Skywalker."
thinks it's hilarious how Chandler only wants to play w/whatever Chance is playing w/. Obviously big brother has the best taste in toys...
Happy Mother's Day. "My children were my gift from God, and they are my gift back to Him." - Cindy Means
just read this on Beth Moore's blog: No amount of success in *ministry can make up for failure at home." (I'd add *careers & hobbies, too)
Chandler has found the button for the ABC song - and he dances to the little jig. So entertaining!
yesterday the wall, today all over the tv - Chance is a very creative crayon artist.
As we were watching the monkeys play at the zoo yesterday, Charlie says, "This is funnier than America's Funniest Videos!"

The boys just threw a birthday party for their stuffed animals, complete with a pinata.
All Charlie has to do is look at Chandler and he starts cracking up (squeaky toddler noises ensue).

Murphy's law states: If one goes to sleep 1.5 hours later than normal, then one's child will awaken 1.5 hours earlier than normal.
I can never tire of hearing Chance describe something as "todawee awesome!!"
Chandler discovered the tv's power button. The other boys are learning lots of patience and longsuffering now...

"Girls are the enemies of boys." ~Charlie

i mean, inspector Gadget...
Chandler has broken 2 coffee mugs today, among other messes. The child has a reach longer than Mr Gadget!
Hard to believe it's been over a year since this video~

"Mommy my friend told me that Disney Land has princesses. I changed my mind, I don't want to go anymore!" ~Charlie
cleaned the minivan - found 3 cupholders with standing jelly beans soaking in water, and a tater tot in the power outlet. Ohhh, boys.

"One day when I was so cool & so awesome, (Uncle) Jason said I was so adorable & so cute. But I wasn't so adorable & so cute!" ~Charlie

the boys just had a juice bag/water bottle fight outside. I don't know if I should discipline them for it or just laugh.

FUTAB time - It was a beautiful morning for a pre-k party :)

is watching Bolt for the 1,497th time...since Saturday.
is now an expert Geotrax and Thomas train set builder. (Geotrax is way easier, btw).

At 4 am, Chance busts in my room and announces: "It's taking so long to sleep!"
Chandler would like to have seconds of last night's chicken pot pie this morning. Sheesh! ;)

"When I get bigger bigger bigger I can be the dirty jobs guy." - Chance (while making mudpies w/his bros)
feeding the superheros spinach nuggets. If it worked for Popeye...
bout to curl up and watch a movie with my 3 favorite lil guys. It's good to be home.

Charlie: "You know what causes rain, Mommy? When two clouds bump into each other, that causes rain."

and he says - "Yup, I'm a hero."
Then I told him "Your pooties are stinking up the house." he says "I'll clean'em up." then I say "Thanks Pooty Man, you saved the day."
Chance is now "Pooty (propelled) Man". Commence farting noises as he runs around the house.
Charlie has decided that when he grows up he'll be a (lego-inspired) rocket scientist. Chance is now to be referred as Super Hero Jump Man.
Aww Chance just gave Chandler a bloody nose and busted lip. It's not easy being the lil bro.

Chance said "I had a long sleep, now I can go to school!" No more Rip Van Winkle stories for him...
Chandler had a shower after dinner bc food was all over him; then a shower bc he pulled down a plate from the table & had food all over him.
And Chance is telling us to hush, Kitty is sleeping.
Charlie is no procrastinator, filling out the invitations for his 6th bday party. Feb 2010, here we come!
Watching Charlie do push ups on the Wii Fit. I have one buff 5 year old.
quote of the day: Chance - "when I make a pooty on the potty it sound like a rocket!!"

So thankful for 3 happy healthy boys (dr check up's this morning...)
long late night with Chandler...thank God for live streaming church service!

3 days of cold rainy weather = 3 stir crazy boys.
Chandler hasn't nursed in over 24 hours. Could it be that he's weaned? and that the breastfeeding chapter of my life is forever closed?!
loves finding surprises left by Chandler: cell phone & diapers in the tub, half eaten apple in a kitchen cabinet, etc. Such a sweet charmer.

is wondering who told the kids to wake up earlier, LOL.
looking forward to the boys "sleeping in" tomorrow - don't forget to Spring your clocks Forward tonight!

finds it humorous that Charlie and Chance got into an argument about whether or not water is good for you.
Charlie said,"Do you know my real name." Yes, Charles David Thier. "No, that's my full name. My real name is D.J." Oh...thanks for the info.
listening to Chandler say "Mama"'s like sweet music to my ears.

the more I discipline my kids, the more I learn about myself - and my obedience to God (or lack thereof).

a certain 3 year old in our house was rewarded with a Thomas for wearing big boys all day with no accidents, even when we went out. FTW!

wonders why naptime always has to be a struggle.

met Chuck 12 years ago today. :)

's cup runneth over.

is celebrating 5 years of Charlie David Thier :)

Charlie: How do you know what I was doing? Me: Because I have eyes behind my head. C: Then you're an alien!!
has a child with no concept of what the word "quiet" means.
thinks its so cool and nostalgic that the boys are into Indiana Jones and Star Warsis trying to figure out which son killed her cell phone. :(
is looking at Chandler and wondering "When did you get so big?!"

let the boys skip their naps today. Big mistake!
Why does getting rid of baby clothes have to be so bittersweet?
Chandler cut his 2nd top tooth today. Now he's got the matching set (top & bottom).

the potty trainer is naked, Mr Independent has 3 layers of clothes, and the babe has been in the same pjs for 2 days. We don't get out much.
just finished choc covered pretzels with the boys. The mini crock pot rocks for melting chocolate!
managed to survive sparklers without injury. ;)
nothing says "Good Morning!" like fresh spit up in your hair. Blech.
is celebrating 3 years of Chance Michael Thier. :)
we interrupt this status update to bring you: The "Wii Fit" Era ;)
Finished the cookie decorating. It looks like a sprinkle factory exploded in my dining room.
is looking forward to decorating cookies and pretzels with the boys tomorrow. Ahh, the joys of motherhood!

postage: $12. diapers: $30. Surviving a rush hour trip in the cold with 3 lil boys in tow...priceless.
the boys just brought me another ornament they'd broken. And to think, I only put up the "durable" ornaments this year...
today I cleaned the minivan & found 3 sippy cups, 4 Bibles, 5 jackets, 6 pairs of shoes and an innumberable amount of french fries.
Wrapped the trees and the porch in lights. I might have set a bad example to the kids by climbing too high in the trees...but it was fun!
just found out the boys' coughs are contagious :(
crossing my fingers that Charlie isn't too sick to go to school (and his Christmas party) tomorrow.
gotta feverish 2 yr old today. At least it's good weather for laying around.
got to sleep in! I think I've finally figured out how to make the 9 month old do that! :)

is not surprised that Chandler's head size is off the charts (>100%). Thanks Chuck ;)
oh, and i just made "karoches" (Charlie's way of saying Kaloches) with the boys for school tomorrow. So fun!
couldn't seem to get anything done today due to the kids. For once I didn't get short-tempered, and caught up after bedtime. Thank You Lord!
just discovered Chandler LOVES banana bread. lil monkey.

took the boys swimming this morning. I ♥ the gym - indoor pool!

just read an article that said sleep depriv. leads to early aging, short temper, overstimulation, reduced brain function, etc. Ya think?!
Got 3 boys up, dressed for church, in the car, headed to Austin. 45 minutes later, baby threw up and we turned around.
is sad for the Thier family. But thankful that "Grandma Charlie" is healed, in Heaven.

Charlie just discovered his Wii Fitness Age. Anyone wanna guess what it was? (It makes me feel better about mine.)
got a new monitor - so Chan decided to sleep 10 hours straight! Woohooo!
Got 8 hours straight of sleep last night - then I realized the monitor broke. Sorry Baby!!

Been watching my 8 month old take a dozen steps at a time. Oh the joy!!

Chance is going potty and Chandler is taking steps. It's an exciting time in the Thier house!

the dynamic duo wore us out...Saving the world is a tough job, ya know? Now if only I can save the candy from their appetites!

getting ready to take Batman and Robin on a rescue mission, err..something.

"This day was brought to you by Dr Pepper. Keeping mothers of young children awake for generations. It's what the Dr ordered."

has been rendered useless today thanks to Chandler getting up 5 times last night.

is at home. Which is my work. And my play. And my world.

is saying "Ok, who put their crackers in their tennis shoes?!" Oh, boys....

I discovered that there is something harder than crayon to get OFF tile: colored pencil. Who knew?!

"Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation. "

1 week of rough nights = zombie mommy.

can fill up a vaccuum bag faster than you can say "Eureka!"

I bought grapes last night, got home at 9 pm. By 10 am they were consumed. If this is their appetite at 4 and 2, I'm afraid of 14 and 12!

listening to Charlie tell try to sell me products he sees on commercials. This is the main reason I'd like to do away with cable...

got 7 hours of sleep last night - without interruption! Thanks Chan!!

is trying to enjoy each day despite the sleep deprivation every night.

Thank God it's only viral and hopefully he'll be back to normal in a day or two.

is in the hospital with Chuck - he has meningitis :(

just watched my 4 yr old beat 2 men at Wii 20 pins!

I am thankful that God brought Chuck into the world 33 years ago today.

I have a sick boy. Chance has ear and sinus infection :(

I don't know what I'd do without Chuck. He's such a great support to me.

crayon drawings on the tile, shards of paper in the box fan, unrolled toilet paper...Man, I love my job!

I am amazed: Chandler outgrew his carrier, and cut a tooth - all in one day.

I have a pre-kindergartner!

wants to be a good mom. Not sure I'm succeeding...

forget saving for college, we need to save for their high school grocery fund! These boys are eating us out of house and home!

Charlie wore a watch to bed last night. It was 5-7 o'clock when he went to sleep and 0-5 o'clock when he woke up. Ha!

had a fun day at the zoo, although I tried to donate 3 monkeys, but they wouldn't take'em ;)

Charlie keeps asking me "Can we live somewhere else? Does it rain in Africa?" LOL He's afraid of the thunder...

didn't even change Chance out of pj's that bad? :-P

watching lego men - the boys love it!

I get to play "flip the turtle" all day long. (Chandler sleeps on his belly, but rolls to his back and thinks the world is coming to an end.)
Sargeant Kenmore set up ambush and was victorious! All enemies were taken captive. Peace and cleanliness have been restored.
discovered the dust bunnies' hideout: in the lego colony under the couch, w/the protection of the army men. Op. "Suck It Up" to commence.

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