Thursday, June 11, 2009

Manic Mess Maker Madness

While I was sleeping, Chandler was waking, taking off his poopy diaper and getting it all over the crib.
While I was on the phone, Chandler climbed onto the dining table 3 times (getting a spanking each time). Then he took the table clothes off, and threw 2 decks of cards around the room (that had been on the table).
While I was hosing off the porch (because Chance had peed on it), Chandler got into our loaf of bread, scattering crumbled up pieces around the house. Then he proceeded to get into my containers of make up and nail polish, scattering them around the bathroom. Then he got Chance's new toothpaste off the counter, took it out of the box, took the seal off (!), and began eating it.
While I'm typing this he has unplugged my laptop charger, and is now banging on his daddy's guitar that he KNOWS he's not supposed to touch.


Edit: I added a few more, just to make my venting/complaining complete ;) All that occurred between 9 am and noon today. So I took the boys to run errands (2 doctors visits and a bank visit), thinking that would be a little easier. Um, yeah, you can guess how that goes. I truly don't know which is worse, ha!!

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