Monday, June 8, 2009

Aunt Randi visits

[Please don't count how many times I use the word "enjoyed" in this post. I'm adjective deficient today.]

For Memorial Day weekend my sister Randi came to visit, along with her fiancee Dan. We are so excited about their December wedding. The boys are going to be ring bearers, which should be an adventure! Although Charlie said he'd rather be a "ring tiger" than a "ring bear". LOL

Dan hadn't been to the Alamo, which neither had I or the boys, so we loaded up and toured the place.

Remember the...?

At the Alamo

We even took a boat ride on the riverwalk, and I was so happy that all the boys behaved and enjoyed it. Of course, feeding them the whole time helped. ;)

We also spent a lot of time just visiting at home, and we ate out at Huhot, one our favorite restaurants to go to when Randi's here. And all the boys enjoyed the extra attention. Chandler especially soaked it up like a sponge (poor neglected 3rd child).



Then we got a sitter, and went out just the four of us. We had dinner and even took some photo at the Japanese Tea Gardens.

I really like this one. lightened cropped to 8x10

In this one I made the pavement a bit darker

While I worry about young couples being around my young children (they may decide to never have kids, ha!!), we always relish when Aunt Randi and soon-to-be "Uncle" Dan come to visit! We love y'all! (And please make me some nieces and nephews someday, despite the chaos you've witnessed here! Thank you.)

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