Monday, May 11, 2009

Just the usual.

So I haven't been blogging lately because there hasn't been much that I've considered blogworthy. Life has been settled, stable, uneventful...blissful. But here's a peek at the things we do when things slow down...

We go to the park and play.
on the playground

on the playground

We make floats for a shoe box parade for Fiesta (Charlie at his Pre K parade).
Charlie's Pre K Fiesta!

Charlie's Pre K Fiesta!

Charlie's Pre K Class
Not the best technically

We go to the zoo.
SA Zoo

and laugh at the monkeys...
Watching the squirrel monkeys

Watching the squirrel monkeys
(The boys are shirtless in the pics above because we'd just been swimming in the "stream" at the zoo.)

We play in the backyard.
Backyard Adventures

Still such a wonderful big brother...

Now he plays with his house

Guess who can climb the ladder...
He can climb the ladder by himself

and slide down all by himself?!
...and slide by himself too!

Hint: It's the same guy who loves to play in the dirt...
He LOVES dirt.

and constantly tries to run across the street to play with the dogs.
Backyard Adventures

We play on the porch.
Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

Jump rope, modified.

We go to birthday parties. (Happy Birthday, Elijah!)
Elijah's Second Birthday Party

We go on drive-thru safaris.
Wildlife Ranch

Say "Cheese"

Wildlife Ranch

We even cry about having to eat dinner.
But I don't wanna eat dinner!

Ya know, just the usual stuff that ordinary people do...


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVED this post! You are such a fun mom!!

Unknown said...

This is perfect. This is the stuff that makes up life. I agree; you are a great mom.

Mells said...

Wow, you are SUPER busy! Like having 3 kids isn't enough... you go ABOVE and BEYOND for your boys, Angie! Way-to-Go!! I hope your Mom's Day was a TERRIFIC one! :) God bless you!