Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Call me a bad mom, but I've avoided Krispy Kreme like the plague since I had kids. Like they don't eat enough sugar, ya know?! And really, I kinda prefer donuts elsewhere, but whatever.

Then Charlie kept asking me how people make donuts.

So, I finally gave in, because Chance had gone a whole day in big boy underwear (with no accidents!), and figured it was time to celebrate.

Watching the donuts be made, walking down the line...
Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Tasting the results, everyone approved:
Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme
(The evidence is in Chandler's mouth.)

I must admit, I was impressed. They also serve kolaches, so you don't have to eat pure sugar. And they have a family night on Wednesdays where they let families create their own donuts and have other activities. So as we were leaving, I found it funny that Charlie said, "Hey Mommy, maybe we could come back here for breakfast again sometime." Uh oh...


Kelly said...

Oh no! Those things are like crack!

Kristi said...

YUMMY!!!! Makes me want to kiss everyone of those sugary faces:)

BTW, Do yall have plans for coming to Disney? We wouldn't want to take up your vacation time but we would love to meet up with yall for a few hours:))

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for the advice and words of wisdom!
LOVE the krispy kreme day! i used to work for them in the marketing department so glad the window of donuts was fun! :)