Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Call me a bad mom, but I've avoided Krispy Kreme like the plague since I had kids. Like they don't eat enough sugar, ya know?! And really, I kinda prefer donuts elsewhere, but whatever.

Then Charlie kept asking me how people make donuts.

So, I finally gave in, because Chance had gone a whole day in big boy underwear (with no accidents!), and figured it was time to celebrate.

Watching the donuts be made, walking down the line...
Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Tasting the results, everyone approved:
Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme

Outing to Krispy Kreme
(The evidence is in Chandler's mouth.)

I must admit, I was impressed. They also serve kolaches, so you don't have to eat pure sugar. And they have a family night on Wednesdays where they let families create their own donuts and have other activities. So as we were leaving, I found it funny that Charlie said, "Hey Mommy, maybe we could come back here for breakfast again sometime." Uh oh...

Pre K Graduation

Friday, Charlie graduated pre-k, although as he'd tell you, he still has one week left. He has (well, we all have) loved his class this year. I can only hope he loves kinder as much as he has loved pre-k.

So, for the graduation ceremony, it was a treat to have Grandma and Grandpa in attendance as well. The school discussed how they've been going thru the Story, which is the name of the condensed Bible that our whole church has been trekking through each week. It's the Bible in chronological order, and it's been neat to have Charlie learning the same stories in pre-k, in sync with what we're learning on Sundays and Wednesdays at church. Thus, this was so significant:

You Play A Part in God's Story
(It says "You play a part in God's story" and had a picture of each student.)

Here's Charlie's class:
Charlie's Pre K Graduation

And the whole student body, as they sang us some of their songs:
Charlie's Pre K Graduation

Charlie with his incredible teacher, Mrs. Campbell; getting his diploma:
Charlie's Pre K Graduation

And here's where I get all sappy because he's getting so big...
Charlie's Pre K Graduation

Way to go, Charlie!! You ask everyday how long it is until you start kindergarten. You can't wait for school. I knew I couldn't homeschool you once I saw how very social you are, and this year has proven that to be so. You've made so many friends, and your personality has shone. You're a natural teacher, leader, and nurturer (and we're working on that competitive spirit...). We love you, Buddy, and we're so proud of you!

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit

This week was a real treat. Chuck's parents came to stay nearby (they live in an RV) on their way out to travel for a few months. The boys soaked in all the attention like sponges.

Fishin' with Grandma

The boys especially loved fishing with Grandma, and when she swam with us at the gym pool.

{Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a great visit! Hope y'all have fun and safe travels!}

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just the usual.

So I haven't been blogging lately because there hasn't been much that I've considered blogworthy. Life has been settled, stable, uneventful...blissful. But here's a peek at the things we do when things slow down...

We go to the park and play.
on the playground

on the playground

We make floats for a shoe box parade for Fiesta (Charlie at his Pre K parade).
Charlie's Pre K Fiesta!

Charlie's Pre K Fiesta!

Charlie's Pre K Class
Not the best technically

We go to the zoo.
SA Zoo

and laugh at the monkeys...
Watching the squirrel monkeys

Watching the squirrel monkeys
(The boys are shirtless in the pics above because we'd just been swimming in the "stream" at the zoo.)

We play in the backyard.
Backyard Adventures

Still such a wonderful big brother...

Now he plays with his house

Guess who can climb the ladder...
He can climb the ladder by himself

and slide down all by himself?!
...and slide by himself too!

Hint: It's the same guy who loves to play in the dirt...
He LOVES dirt.

and constantly tries to run across the street to play with the dogs.
Backyard Adventures

We play on the porch.
Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

Jump rope, modified.

We go to birthday parties. (Happy Birthday, Elijah!)
Elijah's Second Birthday Party

We go on drive-thru safaris.
Wildlife Ranch

Say "Cheese"

Wildlife Ranch

We even cry about having to eat dinner.
But I don't wanna eat dinner!

Ya know, just the usual stuff that ordinary people do...