Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ok, so I'll just start with confessing that my only reason for catching up on blogging is because I'm procrastinating on my least favorite chore: packing.

There, now that that's out of the way... ;)

About's my little rant about it. It's a Christian holiday, just like Christmas. And yes, the secular world has adapted it as it's own - big deal. But this year I felt like the true meaning of Easter was so buried under the commercialism that it truly gets missed - way more than Christmas. Case in point: at Christmas you're bound to find some nativity scenes in stores. At Easter - there is no sign of a cross or empty tomb or anything halfway religious. Unless you go to Christian stores, obviously. And now that the boys are getting older, we had to have 6 dozen plastic eggs for the various Easter Egg hunts we attended (and I'm sure it'll be more next year, when Chandler participates). Easter was almost as stressful as Christmas in getting things done. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the parties. I just don't love prepping for them. But most of all, I hope my kids don't miss the true meaning...

Alright, I'm done. Now on to the best part: pictures!!

First of all, I did dye eggs with the boys, which I do every year and then wonder why I try. And sure enough, the dye got spilled again this year. I just bleached it out of the tile grout today, in fact. And Charlie wore it on his legs for a few days, poor guy.

Dyed Easter Legs

Then we had Charlie's Pre-K class over for an Easter party in the backyard. The weather was incredible, and I was once again reminded how blessed we are to have the property that we do.

Pre-K Easter Party
I also got to enjoy being around girls. Oh, they are just so different from little boys. Like, in this pic above - they actually sit in the chairs. My guys pretty much just hurl the chairs around the yard or try to stand on them.

Pre-K Easter Party
My friend Jenny loaned me her bounce house - that's always a hit with the kids. Especially the boys, ha!

Pre-K Easter Party
I was so impressed with this family (I won't name them, in case they mind...). They just had their fourth child (and 1st boy) a week before the party. Yet, they loaded up all 4 small children and came to the party. I was so very impressed!!!

Pre-K Easter Party
The kids had a picnic lunch, then one of the moms taught them about the Easter story using Resurrection eggs - I recommend that method to anyone with kids 5+. It was way cool.

That same day we attended a Passover Seder demonstration at church, led by a guy from Jews For Jesus. It was incredible. I highly recommend getting his dvd of the demonstration. It just made me in awe of how God uses symbolism to show us His plan. Truly inspiring!

Then, Saturday we attended a fun Easter Egg hunt at a friend's house. Sorry, no pictures, I spent the time chasing Chandler all over the yard, ha!

Saturday night we attended the Easter service. You can see it here, just click on Chapter 27/ The Resurrection, if you're interested.

Sunday, we attended a family party, and did yet another wonderful Easter Egg hunt. This was the first hunt that Chandler decided to participate in. This time, I got pictures! :)

First egg hunt.
The first egg he ever truly found.

Villareal Easter Party 09
The boys did so well, and got so many eggs!

Villareal Easter Party 09

Villareal Easter Party 09
Then the Inspector put his skills to good use, opening and "inspecting" all of the loot!

Escaping with the loot
He even dragged that big basket around with him for awhile. Chance was such a sport, and shared with him so well.

Also, about Chandler - back when we dyed actual hard-boiled eggs - I kept finding that he'd manage to get one off of the dining room table (anytime the boys would pull some out of their baskets), then he'd go hide in the bathroom and pick it to pieces, I guess hoping to find some candy! He even did it again today, this time hiding on the stairs! Little sneaker!!

Villareal Easter Party 09
He also enjoyed some Big Daddy time. It's crazy to think that last year he was so tiny, we could've hid him among the eggs!

Big Boy / Daddy Luv
Chandler wasn't the only one getting some family love. ;) (Charlie with Chuck)

Charlie wasn't the only one, either... Chance with Nana.

easter family
Then my sister took a family photo for us! Thanks Annie!

So there it is, our run down of Easter. What'd you do for Easter?


Mells said...

Wow! What a way to end your post with that fabulous family picture! Sounds like you all had a great Easter with fun, friends, family and of course remember Christ's resurrection! :) Where are you traveling too? I hope you have a great time (despite the rain)! ;)

Meesh said...

I LOVE that first picture of Chandler finding his first egg! The colors are amazing and the angle is awesome! Anyways, are you going to come visit anytime soon? I might have to uproot the boys and come see you, if not. Love you! Mwah!