Monday, March 30, 2009

E Trade Baby?

Chan helps Mommy make a cake

Learned to ride

Random days

I have had some random people tell me that Chandler resembles the E trade baby...hmm maybe... What do you think?

Mr Brown Eyes

This is what Chan hopes to buy with his E Trade earnings. It's what his buddy Cademon's already earned with his mad trading skills... ;)

2 dudes and a 'stang


Unknown said...

Ha; he does kind of resemble him, only Chandler is way cuter!

Stacia said...

I have missed you! Someone's been using Chuck's camera or else you have something to share. ;)

Love that boy. I would have never thought he looked like the E trade boy but when you put the picures up, I agree he does kind of resemble him but C is much cuter.