Monday, February 9, 2009

Charlie's 5th Birthday

Charlie's 5th Birthday Bash
If you'd like to see the whole set of pics, click here.

Last Thursday, Charlie turned 5. He has been looking forward to being 5 for years, literally. He's excited about the prospect of going to school, and all the things that come with being 5. He would often tell me "When I'm 5, maybe my tastebuds will change and I will like ___ ("salad" for example)." Just tonight he said he didn't want any light in his room to go to sleep because he's 5 now, and therefore no longer afraid of the dark. Turning 5 to Charlie is really a big deal.

The plan for the week of his birthday, for me, was to be getting ready for the party the next weekend, and Chuck was going to take the day off on Thursday to spend with Charlie. We'd planned to take him to build-a-bear, and out to lunch, his choice. But things don't usually go according to my plan, ha! I got sick the weekend before, and was still suffering by the time his birthday rolled around. We managed to do our traditional birthday singing with cinnamon rolls in the morning, and then Chuck's parents came into town to help us. Chuck had to work since he'd been taking time off to watch the kids while I was sick. So, for dinner, we all took Charlie to his choice, Chuck E Cheese. The next day, after going to Pre-K, Chance and I took him to Build-A-Bear where he got his puppy, "Alvin." That evening my mom came into town and we hurriedly got together things for the party.

And speaking of the party, I had a hard time deciding who to invite this year. I settled on Charlie's friends, family, and his pre-k classmates. I couldn't stop thinking about who I didn't invite, rather than how big my guest list was. So if you weren't invited, I'm so sorry! I definitely didn't mean to leave anyone out...I just eventually had to draw a line and stop, ha!

So anyhow, I was overjoyed to see that most of our guest list could make it - which totaled over 30 kids!! Remember how we'd developed our backyard last year? Well, we put it to good use! It's officially broken in. We had such a blast, and can't stop talking about it. We had a bounce house, thanks to Grandpa, a pinata that held out 'til the last kid's turn, and just enough food and cake! It was perfect, and Chuck and I have been reeling from the amount of love shown to our family!! I'm not sure Charlie realizes what a blessed kid he is to have so many wonderful people in his life. But he has spent the days since the party fully enraptured with all the new toys he was given. And he's been sharing so well with his brothers, like a 5 year old should. ;)

Here's the video of singing "Happy Birthday..."

Charlie, I can hardly believe you're 5 years old! I'll refrain from talking about how much you changed our lives 5 years ago... ;) You are such a great kid! You have some wonderful gifts that I can't wait to see how God uses! You're a great teacher, story teller, and you have a protective/nurturing side that is uniquely you. You're really good at building legos, you have a geometric mind, and amaze me with how much you can remember!! You're an awesome big brother, and a sweetheart of a son! In the word of your favorite book, "I love you forever, I'll like you for long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." We love you, buddy. Happy Birthday.


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

5 years old?! Time sure flies! Happy Birthday Charlie!
And I love You Forever is one of my favorite books too!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

so cute!! Love kid's birthday parties - they enjoy them so much. Ahh... to be a kid again!