Friday, January 23, 2009

Haircut time

Hair Cut time was a bit different this time around...
First of all, Chandler's hair was getting long in the back and around his ears, so I decided to strap him into a booster seat, and give him his first sucker. The goal was to keep him busy and still, and oh man, it worked great!! He loved his sucker so much that he didn't even mind me using the clippers! So here he is in all his hair-cut glory:

1st Haircut (After)

1st Haircut (before)

Then it was Chance's turn. Chance, as usual, was difficult. Asking him to sit still is like asking a fish to not swim.

Then it was Charlie's turn. The best part was hearing him complain that his eyelashes were too long. He seriously wanted me to cut them!! I told him he's very fortunate to have such great long eyelashes, to which he replied, "But these are girl eyelashes." Where does he learn this stuff?!!


Kathy said...

Chandler's looking like a little man!


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Could they be any cuter?? Love their precious hair cuts!