Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chandler's 10 Month Stats

Happy New Year!

Trying out a spoon

And this day brings us to the big 10 month mark for Chan Man. I can hardly believe he's 10 months old!! Although seeing as how he's sleeping through the night earlier than his brothers, I am welcoming the milestone. Here are the little quirks about our amusing little boy.

He's a pincher. He has figured out how to put that thumb and forefinger to good use, and he's gotten the best of us. And especially me, when he knows I'm stuck (when he's nursing). Little stinker!

Speaking of nursing, he's still doing great. Nurses every 3 hours without a problem. He sleeps usually from 9 pm - 8 am (although lately he's been waking at 5 to nurse, then goes back to sleep. Teething maybe?).

He just cut his third tooth, with the fourth one close behind. Soon he'll be able to saw into food like no one's business, with those top and bottom chompers! He's also starting to use a sippy cup.

He figured out how to wave this month. And he loves to press buttons. No remote is safe. The best is when Charlie's playing the Wii and he turns the tv off. Ha!

He's main "words" are still "dada" and "bubba". I keep hoping for "mama" to come into play.
He's an explorer now!! He loves to pick up things and carry them around the house (especially socks). He's getting to be a pro at mess making. He also has recently learned to play the drums (pots and pans with wooden spoons). And he's got those "grabby hands," where you may think something's out of reach, but he amazingly gets it!

For instance: yesterday he pulled a big container of yogurt out of the trash, opened the lid, spilled it everywhere and tried to paint the floor with his hands. Fun times.

He also still spits up. Just call him Old Faithful. His doctor says he should outgrow it by 12 months. Every surface in my house hopes so. I think I want a deep cleaning carpet and tile/grout cleaner for his birthday.

He cannot get enough of his brothers. Even if they take his toys away. They play chase around the house now and the laughter is deafening (in a good way...I think). If they are sitting on the floor, he'll often hug or kiss on them. As I speak they are playing hide and seek with him. So fun.

He still does not like being held down for diaper changes, clothes changes, in the car seat, etc. This was not the best age to travel back and forth to Austin a million times. He's so busy; he considers it pure torture to be strapped down.

He has the happiest disposition. Even when he gets hurt, it usually isn't long before he is smiling again. And he gets very excited when we say "Yay!" and he claps his hands.

Oh Chandler, you are the greatest surprise God has ever given us. We are so thankful you're in our family. You are truly a joy! We love you.


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Chandler is precious! And happy happy birthday Chance!! Thanks so much for the banana advice - I am eating one right now as I type! :) Love you!!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

You are too sweet and dont need to do a thing! Thank you so much for the prayer! You have the MOST amazing heart! (and i still need to return your books! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - what a little cutie!!