Friday, January 23, 2009

Haircut time

Hair Cut time was a bit different this time around...
First of all, Chandler's hair was getting long in the back and around his ears, so I decided to strap him into a booster seat, and give him his first sucker. The goal was to keep him busy and still, and oh man, it worked great!! He loved his sucker so much that he didn't even mind me using the clippers! So here he is in all his hair-cut glory:

1st Haircut (After)

1st Haircut (before)

Then it was Chance's turn. Chance, as usual, was difficult. Asking him to sit still is like asking a fish to not swim.

Then it was Charlie's turn. The best part was hearing him complain that his eyelashes were too long. He seriously wanted me to cut them!! I told him he's very fortunate to have such great long eyelashes, to which he replied, "But these are girl eyelashes." Where does he learn this stuff?!!

More Tidbits

These are tidbits I started writing over a month ago...

Chance loves trains, even more than Charlie did at this age, if it is possible. But lately, anytime he's putting tracks together, he gets to enjoy his little brother coming to sit on them. He's been so patient, often saying "Chanwer, move please. Chanwer, scoot back." It's very sweet to see him be patient as Chandler messes up what he's doing time and again. And it reminds me of when Charlie would have to endure Chance's propensity to mess up his lego or lincoln log creations.
At the Zoo

Charlie told me about this "bubble gumball shooter" he saw at Target while with Daddy. "You know that thing you wear over your mouth so you don't get sand in your mouth? You have to wear that so that the bubble gum doesn't get in your mouth. And the gun just shoots out the bubble gum!" I finally figured out he was talking about paintballs. LOL.
Found some yummy light

I put Chance to bed at 9:30. By 10:15 he had gotten several times for the following reasons:
A drink of water (times 3).
to show me his booboo.
to tell me a secret (that he loves me).
to find his kitty (stuffed animal).
to get his heating pillow for his leg cramp.
to go potty.
And to think I let him skip a nap today so he'd go to sleep peacefully...

Getting even bigger
(See the new chompers?)

Big Daddy brought the boys a really cool race car to drive. It's quite similar to a bumper car...
New Racecar from Big Daddy

New Racecar from Big Daddy
Needless to say, the boys love it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Charlie just told me

"I wish I had 3 hands. Then I could do everything at once."

Story of my life, kid.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long time no blog

Yeah, sorry we've been MIA. In all honesty, things have been blissfully uneventful. But don't worry, I can always find something to blog about... ;)

I've had something similar to writer's block - but it is due to no photos. Not that I'm not taking photos - just that, well...they stink. While I never used the dslr enough, I'm now stuck in that place of no longer being content with the point and shoot. So the photography withdrawals are back with a vengeance. I still have so many dreams, and am still learning a great deal through online photographer blogs and tutorials. I heard a great sermon a few weeks ago that summed up my struggle to balance a hobby with the greater priorities of life. Already life is easing up a bit with the boys, so I can start to see how to put some boundaries around this interest and make it work. Please pray for me, for wisdom, clarity, and self-control.

Anyways, about the boys...

This past week Chuck made his quarterly trip to New Hampshire and I had the boys by myself with no help for the first time. It really went well, and I'm so thankful for that! We haven't had any sicknesses lately, and the boys really have been behaving and playing well together.

As for Chuck, he was freezing his Texas hiney off in NH. The morning he was to leave, he got out to his rental car - it was NEGATIVE 20 degrees - and it wouldn't start. Actually many cars at the hotel wouldn't start. So it took them awhile to get everyone going. So he gets to the airport with just minutes to spare before his plane takes off...he gets to security and realizes: he left his cell phone behind in the rental car. So he goes back for the phone and misses his flight. Thankfully, he was able to catch the next flight out. And get this, the pilot manages to get the flight in ONE hour ahead of schedule! Way to go, Southwest!! Needless to say, he's happy to be home...and we're happy he is home! Charlie said "Yay! Daddy can come home to work now!" I think the boys may grow up thinking all daddies work from home, ha!

And while the boys have been getting along well, there was one incident lately that I found amusing:

Up until a few months ago, Charlie would sometimes get mad at Chance and say, "I'm not your brother anymore!" Chance usually didn't quite get what he was saying, but of course I disciplined Charlie for saying it. So a few days ago the boys were playing in the backyard when I hear Charlie start crying loudly (which he rarely does). I assumed Chance must've hit him upside the head or something. But he comes into the house, with big tears running down his face and says "Chance told me he's not my brother anymore!"

Obviously, Chance is getting smarter and saying longer sentances, ha!

Chance is also my most affectionate boy, still. He often gives Chandler hugs and kisses. He also calls everything "her" lately. He might mean "it" or "he" but he says "her." "Mommy I kiss and hug her (Chandler)." It's kinda cute, so we haven't corrected it as much as we should, ha!

Also, Charlie has recently overcome a similar quirk. He would often start words with the sound "fa" instead of "re". Most often he'd say "fa-member" instead of "remember." So I was practicing it with him and he said "Mommy I can't famember to say remember!" LOL But he's just about eradicated it from his vocabulary now.

We also found out that a girl in his class talks about him often to her family, and says he's her boyfriend. Oh boy! Charlie only talks about the 2 boys in his class, he never even mentions any of the
7 girls. So I asked Charlie about the girl and he said "I don't like girls, Mommy." But what about someday when you grow up, you think you'll like a girl and marry her? "Nuh uh! No way, Mommy!" That's my boy! Oh wait, I want grandkids someday...sigh. ;)

And then there's Chandler. Starting last week he has officially entered the separation anxiety phase. Charlie had it from 6-18 months of age, and Chance didn't have separation anxiety at all, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But now when I put him in the nursery at church, or basically anytime I leave a room, he gets very upset. It's so hard as a momma to see those tears fall! He also still favors me when it comes to food. If I'm around and Chuck's trying to feed him food, he usually won't eat much until I take over. It's nice to be wanted, ha!

Also, Chandler has a few new tricks.

First, he is our appliance inspector. If you open the fridge or dishwasher, you will soon hear some pitter pattering feet followed by the Inspector coming to take stock of all the items in said appliance. If necessary, the Inspector will also remove the items for closer inspection (he's very professional, very thorough!), followed by toddler sounds such as "dis" and "dat." Once you get the hang of his accent, he's quite easy to work with. He's also very cheap, if you'd like to hire him. He works for sweet potatoes and bananas mostly. (Sorry, Inspector cannot yet work for peanuts.)

Second, he is a dancer! He can now co
mbine his tricks, too, by dancing, clapping and singing! It is a major bonus when all 3 boys dance. Makes me understand the verse Proverbs 17:22: "A cheerful heart is good medicine" How can you not be cheerful when you see that sort of action? At this rate Chuck and I will never get sick! ;)

And while the atrocious cedar has been wreaking havoc on my sinuses lately (it's been 3 weeks since I could breathe thru my nose at night. I'm SO ready for cedar to get their pollenating overwith!)...we managed to enjoy this beautiful day and go to the zoo! That place just never gets old.The best part was that the hippos were awake and swam right up to the boys (separated by glass, of course) and they loved it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chandler's 10 Month Stats

Happy New Year!

Trying out a spoon

And this day brings us to the big 10 month mark for Chan Man. I can hardly believe he's 10 months old!! Although seeing as how he's sleeping through the night earlier than his brothers, I am welcoming the milestone. Here are the little quirks about our amusing little boy.

He's a pincher. He has figured out how to put that thumb and forefinger to good use, and he's gotten the best of us. And especially me, when he knows I'm stuck (when he's nursing). Little stinker!

Speaking of nursing, he's still doing great. Nurses every 3 hours without a problem. He sleeps usually from 9 pm - 8 am (although lately he's been waking at 5 to nurse, then goes back to sleep. Teething maybe?).

He just cut his third tooth, with the fourth one close behind. Soon he'll be able to saw into food like no one's business, with those top and bottom chompers! He's also starting to use a sippy cup.

He figured out how to wave this month. And he loves to press buttons. No remote is safe. The best is when Charlie's playing the Wii and he turns the tv off. Ha!

He's main "words" are still "dada" and "bubba". I keep hoping for "mama" to come into play.
He's an explorer now!! He loves to pick up things and carry them around the house (especially socks). He's getting to be a pro at mess making. He also has recently learned to play the drums (pots and pans with wooden spoons). And he's got those "grabby hands," where you may think something's out of reach, but he amazingly gets it!

For instance: yesterday he pulled a big container of yogurt out of the trash, opened the lid, spilled it everywhere and tried to paint the floor with his hands. Fun times.

He also still spits up. Just call him Old Faithful. His doctor says he should outgrow it by 12 months. Every surface in my house hopes so. I think I want a deep cleaning carpet and tile/grout cleaner for his birthday.

He cannot get enough of his brothers. Even if they take his toys away. They play chase around the house now and the laughter is deafening (in a good way...I think). If they are sitting on the floor, he'll often hug or kiss on them. As I speak they are playing hide and seek with him. So fun.

He still does not like being held down for diaper changes, clothes changes, in the car seat, etc. This was not the best age to travel back and forth to Austin a million times. He's so busy; he considers it pure torture to be strapped down.

He has the happiest disposition. Even when he gets hurt, it usually isn't long before he is smiling again. And he gets very excited when we say "Yay!" and he claps his hands.

Oh Chandler, you are the greatest surprise God has ever given us. We are so thankful you're in our family. You are truly a joy! We love you.