Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newest things

(I've been adding to this post for over a week now, and it's completely random...but I wanted to remember these things...)


Chandler has started that "night night" thing, where anytime he sees a pillow or blanket and lays his head on it, and looks at us smiling while we say "Night night, sweet baby." And sometimes when he won't stop doing it, I realize the poor child really wants me to put him in his bed. ha!


He also has awakened me with laughing and saying "Dadada" instead of crying lately. So fun! Today he slept and played in his crib for 3 hours!! I even got dinner done with so much time on my hands (in a crock pot).


At the doctors office this week, he checked in with 80% for weight (22.5 pounds), 90% for height (28.5 inches tall) and off the charts for head size! Charlie was the same way, so I'm not concerned.


Conversation with Charlie yesterday:

Charlie: "Mom, why can't I play the Wii or watch tv?"

Me: "Because you need to go play something that uses your imagination."

"But I don't have an imagination!!"

"Well, then pretend you do."


Today Charlie said "Mommy when I cough I sound like Hosea barking (Hosea = our old dog)." Ha!


Young Families Class Christmas Party Young Families Class Christmas Party Young Families Class Christmas Party

Here's what the boys asked Santa for, for Christmas:
Chance wants Thomas (not very specific, huh?)
Charlie wants an action figure and a camera (oh, child after my own heart)
and Chandler wants his 2 front teeth.

It looks like Santa just might deliver on all fronts. :)

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