Friday, January 23, 2009

More Tidbits

These are tidbits I started writing over a month ago...

Chance loves trains, even more than Charlie did at this age, if it is possible. But lately, anytime he's putting tracks together, he gets to enjoy his little brother coming to sit on them. He's been so patient, often saying "Chanwer, move please. Chanwer, scoot back." It's very sweet to see him be patient as Chandler messes up what he's doing time and again. And it reminds me of when Charlie would have to endure Chance's propensity to mess up his lego or lincoln log creations.
At the Zoo

Charlie told me about this "bubble gumball shooter" he saw at Target while with Daddy. "You know that thing you wear over your mouth so you don't get sand in your mouth? You have to wear that so that the bubble gum doesn't get in your mouth. And the gun just shoots out the bubble gum!" I finally figured out he was talking about paintballs. LOL.
Found some yummy light

I put Chance to bed at 9:30. By 10:15 he had gotten several times for the following reasons:
A drink of water (times 3).
to show me his booboo.
to tell me a secret (that he loves me).
to find his kitty (stuffed animal).
to get his heating pillow for his leg cramp.
to go potty.
And to think I let him skip a nap today so he'd go to sleep peacefully...

Getting even bigger
(See the new chompers?)

Big Daddy brought the boys a really cool race car to drive. It's quite similar to a bumper car...
New Racecar from Big Daddy

New Racecar from Big Daddy
Needless to say, the boys love it!


Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Oh my heavens - look at those eyelashes!! Where does he get them?

Kathy said...

Goodness Ang, what beautiful boys! Look at those teeth! Atta boy!

LOVE the cars. What a great time!!!

Love the tidbits!