Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Always Right

This morning, my mom called at 7:30 to ask if Charlie was playing outside in the snow. I informed her that it was 80 degrees yesterday, and yes, it did sleet last night (supposedly mixed with snow; I wasn't about to bundle up and investigate in the dark), but I can't imagine that it has truly "snowed." This is San Antonio - it doesn't snow here, like, ever. And if it had snowed, it would've melted before it hit the ground.

After our conversation, I got out of bed, and decided to peek outside.


Ooops! I was wrong. Sorry, Mom!

So I trek up to Charlie's room, so excited that he'll get to see snow. Granted, not play in it. But still, we South Texans get excited about the white stuff.

I wake him saying, "Charlie look outside! It snowed!"

So what was his first response, before he even looked out?

"See, I was right."

"About what?"

"It does snow in Texas."

Ha! Charlie and I had had a long conversation about whether it snows in San Antonio ("Texas"). He wanted to see snow here in the winter, and I told him it doesn't snow here. Trying to explain that it snows up North in the Panhandle of Texas, but not here in Central/ South Texas wasn't going over well. So I just told him, "No, it doesn't snow in Texas."

Then he said, "See, Mom! I'm right. I'm always right!"

Yep, buddy. And you're the second person to prove me wrong this morning...


Jessica said...

Ha ha! That's cute.

Enjoy your snow! It's 60 and raining today in RI (yuck), but we did have some snow on Sunday. :)

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

So sweet - love that! And I love you to pieces! You are such a blessing!