Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Chance!

Somebody's turning 3 today

Yesterday before we left our family in Austin, we celebrated Chance's birthday.
As you may recall, the "real" birthday party will be in June at the half.
But we had a great time. Chance got Thomas, Thomas, and more Thomas.
And here's the video of the singing:

3 years ago today, I had my only picture perfect delivery, and my only baby under 8 pounds (he was 7 pounds 2 ounces). And don't tell Chandler, but Chance is still my baby. Actually they all are (right, Moms?! Anyone with more than one kiddo knows...). And now he's growing to be so big. He's so full of joy, full of fun, and has the most hilarious laughs! Although I complain about his sassiness, he's really a happy and compliant child most of the time. He's the most affectionate one, too. Oh how I cherish this kid!

Happy Birthday, Chancey! We love you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creativity Meltdown

Today I got a reality check. (Yes, I'm venting. Maybe it'll offset all the sappiness of my previous post ;)

Chuck's mom is a very creative person, and was very good at teaching her children to be creative. I've always admired that, and have had a goal to cultivate that in my boys as well. The only problem is, I'm not very crafty. I have neither the talent nor the patience for such things. And currently my life is so consumed with keeping up with housework, I really have no time.

But last week the boys missed out on an invitation to decorate Christmas cookies at a friend's house because they were sick, so I thought I'd make it up to them by having us make our own, and deliver them to neighbors and friends tomorrow.

Overly ambitious, as usual.

So, this morning I got Charlie and Chance to help me make the dough. With Chandler on my hip, we managed to mix it all together, despite the fact that Chance had several time outs for whining and crying about every little thing.

Then we get to the table, where I've taped wax paper down. Which Chance promptly pulls up. I set the dough down. He starts putting his fingers in it. These sorts of things keep occurring until I finally restrict Chance to having to stand by me until I have everything ready. Every time I would get his dough flattened, he'd stick his fingers (or pretzel!) in it, and we'd have to start all over. Anyways, we make it thru that, and thru cutting the cookies. Charlie is actually quite good at it, and did a lot of it without even needing my assistance, which was a pleasant surprise.

I set the cookies in the oven, and Chance continues to whine (this time because he doesn't want to wait for the cookies to bake before he eats them), so I tell him it's time for him to go to bed. I scurry him upstairs, hoping to only take a moment to get him to sleep. And since it's "rest time" and Charlie has been obedient, I tell Charlie he can get some books to read instead of taking a nap. But his reaction is...far from obedient. So, a few spankings later, he and Chance are both in bed, and instructed to take naps. All the while, the cookies are burning in the oven. Lovely.

Up next is icing and sprinkles...I'm not sure I even wanna go there. Ha! Wish me luck. Or at least an extra helping of patience.

And the next time I plan to do something creative with my kids...please remind me of this day. Thanks... :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


Before there were diapers everywhere. Back in the days when I managed to shower often. When the idea of kids to fill my home with laughter, and destroy every ornament on the Christmas tree, seemed so far off. In an era where I thought an all-nighter for a final exam was the definition of "sleep deprivation." When I was young...I fell in love with this man:

The younger years

And on the day of this photo, a mere 4 weeks into our dating relationship...he accompanied me to a friend's wedding. And when I gushed over how cute a kid there was, he said, "You want some of those?" and I nearly fainted. But then...he surprised me by pulling me into a jewelry store. I was in such shock, I could barely remember my name, much less choose a wedding ring. But many stores later, I finally settled on one. It was platinum, small, and had with a small band of 3 diamonds to go with it. Seemed perfect to me, for this Scripture seemed to be our motto for our future:

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

It had become apparent to me that if I was going to be able to take the plunge and enter into a marriage covenant, it was going to be with God's help. There was no way we could succeed on our own. So, this ring seemed perfect, with 3 diamonds on the smaller band, signifying God, Chuck, and me. The cord of 3 strands.

But the next day, Chuck showed me another ring. It was his grandmother's. When his grandfather passed away years before, she had given her rings to Chuck. It was a small platinum ring set, nearly identical to the one I had chosen. And one of the only times I ever cried about being engaged, was the first time she saw her ring on my finger and talked about how beautiful it all was.

Sorry, I digress..

Anyways, 5 months later, here we go:

The younger years

And now, this year we celebrated 9 years of marriage. And like a good pair of shoes, it just keeps getting better with time.

And now

All 3 boys stayed with Nana for 36 hours while we had 2 days to ourselves (THANK YOU NANA!!). And during our weekend, Chuck surprised me a second time by pulling me into a jewelry store. This time he did the picking, so my shock didn't hinder the situation. He had picked out a pearl necklace and earrings for me, which I love. They go well with the wedding bands, too.

Speaking of the wedding bands... The smaller band has 5 diamonds. Not 3. It was almost like a prophecy - the 2 of us and now our 3 boys. Our completed family.

Next year, we plan on creating a matching top band, to add to the set. So when we pass it on (hopefully to Charlie's firstborn son), we'll have contributed. It'll be a small band guessed it...3 diamonds. Signifying the only way to have a successful marriage.

I love you, Chuck. Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newest things

(I've been adding to this post for over a week now, and it's completely random...but I wanted to remember these things...)


Chandler has started that "night night" thing, where anytime he sees a pillow or blanket and lays his head on it, and looks at us smiling while we say "Night night, sweet baby." And sometimes when he won't stop doing it, I realize the poor child really wants me to put him in his bed. ha!


He also has awakened me with laughing and saying "Dadada" instead of crying lately. So fun! Today he slept and played in his crib for 3 hours!! I even got dinner done with so much time on my hands (in a crock pot).


At the doctors office this week, he checked in with 80% for weight (22.5 pounds), 90% for height (28.5 inches tall) and off the charts for head size! Charlie was the same way, so I'm not concerned.


Conversation with Charlie yesterday:

Charlie: "Mom, why can't I play the Wii or watch tv?"

Me: "Because you need to go play something that uses your imagination."

"But I don't have an imagination!!"

"Well, then pretend you do."


Today Charlie said "Mommy when I cough I sound like Hosea barking (Hosea = our old dog)." Ha!


Young Families Class Christmas Party Young Families Class Christmas Party Young Families Class Christmas Party

Here's what the boys asked Santa for, for Christmas:
Chance wants Thomas (not very specific, huh?)
Charlie wants an action figure and a camera (oh, child after my own heart)
and Chandler wants his 2 front teeth.

It looks like Santa just might deliver on all fronts. :)

I'm Always Right

This morning, my mom called at 7:30 to ask if Charlie was playing outside in the snow. I informed her that it was 80 degrees yesterday, and yes, it did sleet last night (supposedly mixed with snow; I wasn't about to bundle up and investigate in the dark), but I can't imagine that it has truly "snowed." This is San Antonio - it doesn't snow here, like, ever. And if it had snowed, it would've melted before it hit the ground.

After our conversation, I got out of bed, and decided to peek outside.


Ooops! I was wrong. Sorry, Mom!

So I trek up to Charlie's room, so excited that he'll get to see snow. Granted, not play in it. But still, we South Texans get excited about the white stuff.

I wake him saying, "Charlie look outside! It snowed!"

So what was his first response, before he even looked out?

"See, I was right."

"About what?"

"It does snow in Texas."

Ha! Charlie and I had had a long conversation about whether it snows in San Antonio ("Texas"). He wanted to see snow here in the winter, and I told him it doesn't snow here. Trying to explain that it snows up North in the Panhandle of Texas, but not here in Central/ South Texas wasn't going over well. So I just told him, "No, it doesn't snow in Texas."

Then he said, "See, Mom! I'm right. I'm always right!"

Yep, buddy. And you're the second person to prove me wrong this morning...