Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful #1

Thanks to the inspiration from Stephanie, I thought I'd do a short series of posts about what I'm thankful for...

Pumpkin Patch

The biggest thing on my mind lately has been how I need to express how thankful I am to be a mother. As my friend Jenny says, I get to be the mommy for 3 boys. In all my whining about how tired I am, I often overlook the greatest blessings of my life.

Pumpkin Patch

And I'm thankful that God answered my prayers with these boys. He is sovereign, and could've created these boys any way He wanted. Yet I specifically prayed for blonde hair and blue eyes with my first born. Considering Chuck's brown hair and eyes, you'd think it wasn't likely. But then came Charlie.

Charlie 16 months

But then I realized that it kinda wasn't fair to Chuck - because people kept saying "Wow, he doesn't look much like you." (cringe!). But after about 2 years, Charlie's hair turned dark...and suddenly everyone could see the resemblance.

Then God gave us Chance. I worried he'd look so different that people would wonder if he and Charlie were brothers. I prayed that he would look enough like Charlie that there'd be no doubt. Amd then he came, with strawberry blonde and blue eyes. It seemed to confirm the blue eyed genes.

Chancey Boy

And then we knew Chandler was coming. This time I prayed for brown eyes! For one that would look just like Chuck. Chuck actually hoped he'd have green eyes. But then he came with those big dark browns....

Spontaneous Photo Shoot

And, as if to meet Chuck's request for a green eyed boy - Chance's are now slowly turning green.

I've got sunshine...

These were all "silly" requests. Not all that important. And really, we'd taken them no matter what. But God in His incredible grace, granted my petty requests. And I'm thankful.

All of the shirts


Kelly said...

Sweet! I definitely think He gives us answers to those silly little requests. I once prayed that my hair would be easy to take care of when I grew up, and suddenly it turned curly and now I can just leave with it wet every day! God: hairstylist, fulfiller of petty requests that make us happy nonetheless.

Christina Elizabeth said...

Stephenie you are so blessed with those gorgeous babies of yours! God answer's our petty requests as well as the ones that matter ♥