Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is the Life.

Coughing to clear my raspy throat, I call to the boys, "Charlie! Chance! Come here please." Chandler's ever-hungry mouth is gaping open, waiting for that next bite of oatmeal at the kitchen table. He begins to babble, "bu bu bu ba ba ba." I can hear the boys above us, playing upstairs. I clear my throat again, hoping to increase my volume just a bit... "BOOOOYS!" Still no answer. I smile at Chandler as I feed him another bite, and think, "Watch this, buddy." This time I don't yell, I just say, "Cinnamon Rolls."

Suddenly, the upstairs is in an uproar as their feet stampede. "Breakfast!" they both exclaim. Soon I'm surrounded by hungry boys.

This... is the life.


When I was a kid, while some girls might've been playing princess and dreaming about their wedding, I was catching tadpoles and climbing trees with the only kid my age on the block, Jeff. Sure, we played with my barbies sometimes, but mostly with G.I. Joes and even playing his Atari. So it was no surprise that I'd be a mom to boys. I would've been lost with a girly girl.

As I've come through the last 8 months of having 3 boys, I have definitely had moments where I've questioned why God called me to 3 boys this close in age. While I have no doubt I was meant to be a boy mom, did it have to be 3 of them under the age of 5? I feel like I wake up every morning with the odds stacked against me. Like I'm set up for failure. Like I can't do anything well or with excellence. Like this ship is sinking and I'm throwing everything overboard to save us.

But then mornings like this happen, and I just relish having these three little souls in my family. So what if the house is a wreck and I need a shower and I have a mile-long to-do list? I have three boys who love their momma and keep me laughing. How could I ask for more?!

So, as I attempt to yet again adjust priorities and catch up on things, here are the boys' latest developments:


No more pictures, Mommy

As a friend astutely pointed out, he hasn't gotten much attention on this blog lately. While he doesn't have any big milestones lately, he is growing like a weed. He is using the potty once or twice a day. He often hides under the table and tells me when he's making a diaper. I always remind him that he'd get candy and rewards if he'd just go potty like a big boy. "I not big boy, I little boy! No potty." is the usual response.

Yet I relish this boy's sweet side. He is so affectionate. He loves hugging and kissing on Baby Chanwer. He loves playing with him. He's also quite sensitive and gets his feelings hurt. But to counter that, he is territorial, and easily provoked. If someone's playing with his toy, he will get aggressive. However, if that person asks if he can play with Chance's toy, Chance will usually reply, "Sure!" in the sweetest voice. And if Charlie does something Chance doesn't like, he'll hit, kick, and even bite Charlie. We're working on that. He has a griping voice that is hilarious. "That my toy, CHARDEE!!" I need to get it on video sometime.

Oh how i love this boy.

There's a special sympathy in my heart for Chancey. He is the only one who gets to experience being a little brother and a big brother. He has advantages and responsibilities from each role. I hurt for him as he watches Charlie go to school. He has a melt down every time, because he wants to go to school, too. I'm grateful that Chuck often takes Charlie and picks him back up, because when I do it (with Chance), Chance's melt downs are worse. Yesterday I took him with me to Charlie's Halloween party at Pre-K and he loved it! When it was story time, he sat obediently like the other kids, hanging on to every word. He decorated a cookie and played with Charlie's classmates. It was like he was trying to show me how good he'd be in class, so maybe he could join it. I'm guessing we'll need to put him in Pre-K next year (which will be a year earlier than Charlie started).

Charlie's Pre K Fall Fest Party

Chance is getting more articulate, and his sentences are getting longer. The other day, as I turned on my laptop, he came running over, asking to play a computer game. This happens nearly everytime I turn on the computer. Anyhow, I told him "Not now, Mommy's working." To my amazement, he replied, "You always say dat, Mommy. You always working." Thanks for the reinforcement for taking a photography sabbatical, buddy. ;)


Big Foot's been sighted

Simply Marvelous

Charlie's becoming quite a kid. A few weeks ago he seemed to change from rebellious to obedient. I'm not sure what caused the change, but it's been a welcome relief. He can push my buttons like no other sometimes. So, now he's really growing in areas like: controlling his temper, not throwing tantrums, and just being more submissive. The other day I said, "Come here, Charlie, I have a job for you," to which he replied, "Sure Mommy! I will do whatever you ask, always." (Then my jaw hit the floor. What are they teaching this kid at Pre-K? And why didn't we start sooner, ha!) Later that day he actually cuddled up next to me on the couch (another rarity), and said, "Mommy I just want to always be with you." Things like this never happen! LOL

He's really getting into school. He is constantly asking me how to spell words. Last night he asked me to spell and sound out the word "cough." Yeah, you try explaining that one to a pre-kindergartener. ha!


No first step yet...

His big news is he cut his first tooth! And he's putting it to good use. Usually, you'd expect to see a red bump before the tooth cuts the surface, and lots of pain/fever, but not so with this guy. It was a complete surprise. He's had a runny nose for a few weeks, but otherwise no indications. Thank You, Lord!

He's starting to babble more. Chuck is quite excited at his newest word: "Da da." About a month ago, I remarked to Chuck's parents that he doesn't seem to babble much; at least not as much as Charlie and Chance. Just as I finished that sentence, Chandler started babbling, "buh buh buh," and did it pretty much continually for the next 2 days. Chuck's dad kept saying, "It's a shame that kid never talks, right Angie?" LOL

Also a few nights ago I moved him out of our room and into the guest room upstairs. I've started letting him cry it out when he wakes for the 2 am feeding. He eats at 11 pm, goes to sleep, then I don't feed him again until 5 am. He feeds again at 8 and gets up for the day. So far so good. He doesn't cry much, just whimpers around 2 am. This morning I had to wake him at 6:30 to feed, and I got 8 straight hours of sleep for the first time in what feels like years.

Holy Costumes, Batman!

So there you have it - the full scoop on the Thier boys. Thanks for reading my longggg post. :)

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