Monday, October 20, 2008

This Weekend

We spent this weekend in Austin - it's one of three weekends that we'll be there this month. Man, that's a lot of packing!

But this weekend was so fun. The school I got my degree from, Austin Graduate School of Theology, invited us back for an alumni forum. We basically sat around with about a dozen graduates and all of the professors and talked about the status of our churches, especially in regards to baptism. I realize that may sound boring to some, but I enjoyed it greatly. And best of all, Chuck came with me and also enjoyed it. The dream is that Chuck will be able to attain a Masters of Divinity someday. And it really made me miss school. I loved that place! I highly recommend it (even if you don't want a degree, it's fun just to sit in on the classes). It's also a great cause to support financially. I could go on and on about it, but I'll stop. ;)

Moving on...

Saturday Chuck and his dad took Charlie to "The Maker Faire." Chuck described it as a grown up science fair. Charlie had a blast! Chuck's posted a blog about it here.

Maker Faire Austin 2008
I would like to mention, Charlie saw a Batmobile golf cart.
Thus we should pay tribute to Batman,
the character he wants to be for Halloween.

We also enjoyed the family time in Austin.

Bedtime stories with Grandma
Grandma read them a bedtime story. I would've gotten a better picture, but the boys kept running away anytime I appeared with the camera.

Stair climber
Chandler has now discovered stairs.

But not stair master
Unfortunately, he fell down a few steps just after this photo. But the good thing is, it gave him a healthy fear of stairs.

Stand alone
He's up to 14 seconds of standing alone.

Fun find!
Chuck's mom found Chuck's old lunchbox. Charlie is totally stoked about it!

Sweet Sophia
Some dear friends stopped by. Check out the baby blue eyes on Sweet Sophia.

Carseat turned forward
And then we traveled home. I turned Chandler's car seat around for the first time.
You can see how excited it made him.

And with that, Chandler wants to say, "hi" to you...


Mells said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I love the recap of your trip to Austin! You looked great today in class! :) I'm glad that you came. :) I am continuing to pray for you. :) Love, Melony BTW- I can't believe that Chandler is already standing! Where has the time gone!

Stacia said...

Okay, I seriously just wrote a book of a comment and then it didn't post. That's annoying.

High points - Chandler is big, gives me a complex but am working on it. Miss seeing Chance you might need a special Chance blog one of these days. Glad you had a good weekend in Austin, when's the wedding for the 500th time I'm asking. :) Call me regarding the processing thing. I've got an idea.