Monday, October 13, 2008

catching up

Ok, here are a bunch of random photos that I hadn't blogged in the last few weeks. I think I should start a miscellaneous series of posts for pictures like these....

Big blue eyes
This is my nephew William. Doesn't he have the greatest blue eyes?
He and Nana came to visit while Chuck was out of town.
It was nice to have another adult around and for the boys to be able to play together.

Lil Harley Driver
He loved the Harley. I'm sure it'd make Big Daddy proud.

Nana love

Firefighter cousins
The boys enjoyed having someone to drive the fire truck while they put out fires around the yard. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Picnic at a playground
And I have to share this photo because it was so sweet to have a picnic with my dear friend Dalinda and all our kids. So fun! Except that Chandler kept crawling into her lap trying to eat all her food, ha!

Happy 1st birthday, William
Then we went to Austin to celebrate William's first birthday.

Happy 1st birthday, William

Family Time
My sister Desi was in a car accident. We're so thankful she survived!! She was hit by a big hauler truck. She's got some damage in her arm and back. I'm so glad she made it through ok. We've now deemed that Lexus makes some very safe vehicles.

Family Time
Nana & Charlie

Family Time
Me & Chance (thanks, Anna!)

No Mommy, we don't need naps!
And this is a familiar sight on most road trips. I'm not complaining. ;)

Baby Attack
Chandler has a new thing. It's called "Attack and suck on Momma's face."

Mini Chuck?
See any resemblance?!

Part food, part practice
He's been practicing grabbing things. Can you see the pea in his hand?

Reverse sibling abuse
He's also been practicing revenge on his brothers. He's always crawling all over them. I think he's getting them back for the torture before he was mobile. Wrestling won't be far behind.

Wake up call
I LOVE our neighborhood. One morning Chuck heard a noise and opened the curtain, only to find 2 bucks going head to head. He wasn't able to catch the action, but he got this shot of one of them.

Mama deer scopes out the paparazzi.
And another morning, I opened the curtains and enjoyed watching a doe and her fawn play in our backyard. She got this close - no zoom used. And the fawn was just frolicking everywhere. I kept wondering if he'd slide down the slide. LOL

And one random day, Charlie actually asked me to take his picture. How could I refuse that?!

William and Elizabeth visit
One day the boys' friends William & Elizabeth came to visit, they had a meal on the porch.

William and Elizabeth visit
And Elizabeth and Chandler took their turn with the fire truck. Yet again, another girl that I love being around. What is it about being around little girls that so intrigues me?! (Maybe the lack of them in my own family...)

William and Elizabeth visit
And this is William, not to be confused with the nephew, but the friend. He is so cute. He and the boys solved a mystery in the backyard, complete with finding clues and footprints. He's a clever kid!!

This is what I woke up to.
Lastly, here's Chandler, and the reason I had to lower his bed. He's pulling up to standing and trying to stand alone (his record is 5 seconds today). I'm just waiting for that first step...


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVED all your pictures! You have the most precious family. Especially loved the face sucking one - too cute! :)

Mells said...

you've been a busy lady! I love the pics that you and Chuck capture. What a great way to remember what's happening these early years of parenting (when it all seem a blur). ;) Love you and missed you today! Melony