Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Week of Firsts

There has been a lot of growth under our roof this week.

snap shot

Chandler cut a tooth and is grabbing things, and kinda inch-worming his way around a room.

Charlie hit the big milestone - he went down the 2 story slide at the Gym Swimming pool! I am amazed. He did it 3 times, swimming on his own, without a life jacket, from the end of the slide to the ladder. Did I mention the water is WAY over his head?! So proud! ;)

He also started Pre-K and loves it. And I'm adjusting, haha!

Chance hit a milestone too: he rolled his eyes at me! Ha! That 2 year old defiance is in full swing. I feel like I'm losing my baby. Poor guy, gotta outgrow being a Momma's boy somehow.

Also, to recap last (Labor Day) weekend:

Granny, Bubba, and Aunt Meme came up from SE Texas to visit, as planned. The next day, Aunt Randi and her boyfriend also joined us because they were evacuating as Hurricane Gustav headed their way. While we're thankful it didn't hit they're area, I'm also thankful it sent them over to our house, ha! ;) We did manage some pictures (for once!! Thanks Chuck!!) while Granny had all her kids and grandkids in one place.

The Portraits
[The Whole Gang.]

The Portraits
[My 2 maternal sisters and only brother.]

The Portraits
[Yay for a decent family photo!!]

The Portraits
[And finally, my favorite, ha! Love you, Bubba ;)]

Now we'll see if Hurricane Ike sends'em our way again. They're probably going to be so sick of Interstate 10 when hurricane season is over, ha! But I love the visits...

P.S. To follow up from my last blog, Charlie seems to be resilient from the incident of Mom scaring him. I had told him I would throw the mask away so he would know I wouldn't use it again, but he said he wanted it. So I put it on the counter, and the next morning he told me he was going to throw it away. I was so proud of him. THANK YOU ALL for the sweet and encouraging comments. I do hope it's an object lesson that sticks with him, but not so much the memory of Mom scaring him to tears. He did try to milk it for some extra sympathy the next day, but aside from that, he's fine. ;)

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markus said...

i know all about being the only boy in the family, but i had 4 sisters to put up with, thank god for boarding school i say. LOL