Saturday, September 13, 2008

Follow Up Photos

So, to follow up the week of are pictures.

First Day of Pre K
[Charlie first day of school. I love the nervous smile. ;)]

First day in the bigger carseat
[The same day is when I moved Chandler into the big boy carseat...]

No eye popping needed
[Although I didn't catch a pic of him rolling his eyes, my middle child at least needs a representation here, ha!]

Chandler's 1st Sitting Up Bath
[Chandler also gets to sit up during bath time now, which means that his brothers can join him. Can't you just feel the joy?]

Crawling Practice
[And here's the position I see him in all the time - practice, practice, practice!]

Sleepy boy
And a little update on Chance: he stopped sleeping thru the night a few months back. I thought it was because he was jealous of Chandler or something. He usually said he was scared. But then I took him to the doctor, who said it's more likely allergies. That also explains the almost-constant runny nose! So he's on medication now, and hopefully he'll be back to sleeping the whole night through soon. Poor guy, I had been giving him treats for the nights he didn't get up. I had never thought it might be a physical reason!

Happy Birthday Chuck
And Happy Birthday Chuck!! Due to our family evacuating here from Ike, we had babysitters and got to go out for lunch and dinner! And we're so thankful that there doesn't seem to be much damage to their homes, although they'll be here awhile until the power is restored... Thank You, Lord.

Deis Y Seis Carnival
And lastly, I caught a couple of pics of the boys at a carnival with Big Daddy and Nana yesterday. They're spending the weekend with them... I know they're having a blast.

Deis Y Seis Carnival

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