Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoo Time Again

2 wild animals - and some statues

We finally got back to the zoo! Some friends came down and we checked things out for what felt like the first time in forever. It was Chandler's first time to go. He did great!

This post is about 2 weeks overdue. And as usual, I didn't get enough pictures, specifically of my friend Jamie and her sweet family. But I did catch a couple of her cute boy, Evan. He's 14 months old...definitely one of my favorite ages/stages.

[He fed the goat some of his snacks.]


Charlie caught a butterfly in the butterfly exhibit - but he cheated by holding it's leg so it couldn't fly away. ha!

[I think they got it backwards.]

This is how he rode the train
[This is how Chance was through the entire 20 minute train ride. He doesn't like the loud train crossings.]

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