Sunday, August 3, 2008

What I'll Miss

Hey Mom!

Angie's first visit to see Chandler

When the baby days are gone, here's what I won't miss:

~Being covered in spit up and other gross substances all day long (hello, baby food, blech!!).

~Having to wake up multiple times a night. {He no longer sleeps 6 hours. :( By about the 4th feeding of the night, I give up and put him in bed with me.}

~Not having any idea when its a good time venture away from home. Babies never seem very predictable in that department.

~Having to fight to get a spoon full of icky slimy baby food into his mouth, only to watch it all be spit out and spread around his face by his hands. Or better yet, be flung everywhere by his motorboat sounds.

~Feeling like every morning I'm handed 48 hours worth of work to do in the next 24.

~Worrying about him often, making sure he's still breathing while sleeping.

Enchanted Springs Ranch

But I will miss:

~The sweet cuddles, especially when he's sleeping. I'll miss him being small enough to hold.

4 Generations (just missing one hand)

look, a SP!

~Watching him sleep that sweet peaceful rest, and the funny smiles and noises he makes while unconscious. Marveling at the beauty of God's creativity.

~Being able to dress him however I want - without his input or having to chase him down to do it!

~Being able to take his photo whenever I want; that he can't run from the camera.

~Those little hands and feet flailing in the air; the way his hand wraps tight around my finger.

~How strangers so easily become friends and love to peek in on him. The many blessings I receive as people tell me what a precious gift he is.

~Wondering what he's thinking; soaking in the sight of him and all of his expressions.

~The constant smiles and how his face lights up when we make eye contact.

~Seeing him reach each milestone, and change daily - in skills and in physical growth.

~That soft baby skin, and the way he smells (just after a bath).

~Using a baby carrier - it really makes life so much easier.

~The open mouthed kisses, and how he tries to suck on my face, LOL.

~Watching Charlie and Chance dote on him and just observe him in amazement. Hearing Charlie talk in a sweet little baby tone of voice, "Who's a big boy?! Chandler is!"

~Knowing that he needs me, loves me, and can't get mad at me (because I don't have to discipline him yet...)

~Hearing all the happy baby noises, that seem to come for no reason at all. He's just happy.

Bad photo quality

Note to self

How about you? What do you love/ not love about the baby stage?

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Mells said...

Great insight to those things that we do tend to forget and miss so much! I miss just watching Rachel as I held her whilse she slept (with her little mouth open). ;) Also, that "milk" breath. ;) The tiny toes and fingers. :) The greasy, slick hair that she had for a few weeks after she was born. There are many more things. It's so wonderful to know that God loves me so much that He blessed me with those memories to hold forever. :) God bless you and thanks for sharing again!! :)