Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Randomness

It's been a month since I've posted anything random about the boys (hard to believe, right?)

My boys

This month Chandler hit a lot of milestones. He can sit alone now! He can roll over (and rolls everywhere). He can get up on all fours and rock...crawling won't be far behind. He's into giving everyone high fives, because he loves to slap things. He also scored a 1500 on his SAT's. (jk)

My boys

Solid food.

Granny tickles

Look who's sitting up!!

This month Chance's speech has gotten even clearer. Yesterday as I put him down for a nap, I asked if he wanted me to lay down with him, he said "No, Mommy. You sleep (by) yourself, Chance watch tv!" LOL

Charlie recently gave him "tattoos" with his markers...
Sleepy tattooed boy

Getting so big!

The Evacuees brought a kitty!

The big news with Charlie is he got into Pre-K at our church! We were on the waiting list (because I didn't camp out like the more die-hard parents), but weren't expecting to get in! He starts Wednesday, and has had his lunch pail packed with his bottle of water for 2 weeks now. It was all I could do to convince him he couldn't put food in it yet. Obviously, he's just a little excited! As for me, I'm freaking out a little - I can't believe he's old enough! He'll go 2 days a week, 4 hours a day. He's one of only 3 boys in the class, which I think is great. This way he'll get to understand girls a little better, and hopefully he'll be less rowdy...

The dawn of a new era
[Helping Daddy push Chandler into church - we went for Pre-K orientation.]

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...

Biking off into the sunset gone wrong
[First scraped knee from bike riding.]


Mells said...

Wow! The boys are growing so fast! :) I am so happy that Charlie is going to pre-school. I am thinking that I need to do that for Rachel next year too! I had a nightmare that she went to kindergarten and wasn't ready yet b/c she couldn't sit still and do what all the other kids were doing! ;) Too funny and weird! ;) LOve you all, Melony

Sarah J. said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad to hear the boys are doing so well. We start preschool next week, too. I'm so ready!


Unknown said...

Hey! We started preschool today. Hope it goes well for Charlie!
Chandler is so big! Does Chance want to go to school too? Miss you guys!