Wednesday, August 13, 2008

18 minutes 46 seconds

That's how long the phone call lasted with my insurance agent. It was one of those, ya know, "need to concentrate, don't interrupt me" kinda calls.... I asked Charlie and Chance ahead of time to let Mommy talk on the phone. So here's what happened:

Charlie poured out syrup on a plate, then proceeds to cover his hands in it, and I caught him just as he was about to fingerpaint himself.

Charlie and Chance fought over whose turn it was for a toy (and wanted me to referee).

Chance turns on my point and shoot camera, sticking his greasy little fingers all over the lens. I take it away, so he starts screaming as loud as he can. I go into the bedroom and shut the door, so he grabs his toy and starts hitting the door.

Chandler cries because he's tired of standing in his saucer.

Basicially there wasn't a single second that wasn't filled with a kid screaming or crying - for the entire 18 minutes and 46 seconds. And this, my friends, is why I hate the telephone...or anything that requires my undivided attention.

Someday I'll laugh about this. As everyone says "Don't blink or you'll miss the joy of when your kids were little..." Well, for 18 minutes and 46 seconds today, I couldn't stop blinking... ;)

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Raena said...

Fantastic! Once when I was on the phone with our loan lady for our home loan...Camden COVERED a bathroom wall (wallpaper) in a lipstick mural. Fun times ;)