Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Bugs Attack


This morning I overheard Charlie say to Chance, "Be careful with that, ok? Do you understand? Say, 'Yes Sir.'" Yikes, does he have me down or what?!

My shots are already redundant

Sickness has struck our home this week. Somehow we made it thru the entire winter and spring without any sickness, so I guess it was time. Chandler ran his first fever ever Monday night. I just happened to have a doctor's appointment for him Tuesday, and the doctor said maybe it was because he's got another ear infection. The fluid never drained from the last infection (tubes, here we come). Anyhow, the nurse also mentioned that there was a stomach bug going around, which would better explain the fever, since he didn't get fever with the last ear infection. And surely enough, within 24 hours the fever stopped. And then Wednesday night it started for Charlie. I guess you'd call it a stomach bug, but other than fever, there are no symptoms really.

This is going to be a random post (as usual, right?!), if you can't tell.

Sometimes I like the cereal...

Chandler has started cereal, and while it took awhile to warm up to the idea, he loves it!

And in the last week, Chandler has honed his motor skills. Instead of flailing his arms in hopes of hitting his toys above him, he's now moving them very slowly and purposefully. Last night he had his little monkey firmly held with both hands. He's also getting good at grasping hair - uh oh! Maybe it's time for a haircut for me? ;)

Meesh, Ryan and Elijah Boston came to visit this week. I unfortunately don't have the photos up yet, but Chuck has some from when he took Charlie and Chance with them to the zoo. The boys had a great time, and I'm so glad the Bostons came to visit.

The kangaroos have babies!
To the zoo again

Chuck's not nearly as into taking photos of people as I am, can you tell? He did manage one of Elijah though, that I love:

To the zoo again

Update: this (Thursday) afternoon Chance started running fever. Then I talked to Meesh, and poor Elijah has it as well - and has been vomiting all day :( We are officially under quarantine until this has passed.

We were hoping that the sickness/bug will run its course thru our house in time for us to meet up with family in Austin for July 4th. It's been so dry here we're not sure if there will be many fireworks this year - which I know will disappoint Charlie and Chance. What are your plans for the 4th?

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Stacia said...

We had that fever bug last week too. Linden got it on Tuesday and ran fever for just 24 hours. Hadley got it while we were on vacation. It knocked him out for about half a day and he woke up the next morning fine. I'm glad we didn't have the stomach thing to go with it and so far so good with Channing not coming down with anything.