Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Walk with Charlie

The other day, as I "dumped" my photos from my point-and-shoot camera onto the computer, this is what I found. I like to call it "A Walk with Charlie."

He starts in the kitchen.

Taken by Charlie

Then to the living room. I see the foot of the piano in the upper right.

Taken by Charlie

Then he sees his trains, which I must say, he's quite good at putting those tracks together in neat configurations. Although you can't tell here.

Taken by Charlie

Then he steps on a blanket. You can imagine how hard it is to keep laundry clean around here.

Taken by Charlie

Here's the living room rug. I'm glad it's a little blurry - you can't see all the stains that way.

Taken by Charlie

And now he's heading toward the dining room.

Taken by Charlie

Hey Charlie, must you reveal our unhealthy eating!?! What can I say, Costco pizzas are yummy. ;)

Taken by Charlie

One small step for man, one giant leap for...oh nevermind.

Taken by Charlie

Ahh, now he's in our bedroom.

Taken by Charlie

And here's the other foot, just in case you were wondering if it was missing.

Taken by Charlie

Now he's in the master bath (aka my oasis). See that toothpaste on the rug? More about that later.

Taken by Charlie

Oh look, Chandler! What a way to end your walk, Charlie! Chandler's waiting anxiously for his ever fabulous splash fest (or bath, whatever.)

Taken by Charlie

About the toothpaste on the rug. Here's what the whole scene looks like. This is what happens when Charlie and Chance brush their teeth.

This is what Happens

And lastly, Charlie decides to keep it real with this picture:

This one makes me wanna cry

This is my life: laundry and dishes. But I need to teach my budding photographer to capture something prettier, cleaner, and less depressing, ya know? ;)

4th of July (point and shoot)

Ahh, that'll do, Charlie!! That'll do...


Kathy said...

Great post!

I can so relate on the laundry and dishes part! (Is it just me or did laundry become impossible when you added a 3rd to the bunch? And our littlest isn't even in "real" clothes...yikes!)

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! I totally want to do that now. Hmmm... which child would get the funniest results?