Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Look, I found some funny stories!

Amusing Moments

Still small enough for the dryer

Yet another snapshot

Chance has a new thing, where he lays down by Chandler, puts his head near Chandler's feet (which are always moving and kicking), then says "Wook, Mommy! You see dat? Baby Chanwer kick Chance!" Then he laughs because it's just the funniest thing ever.

Chance also still likes to poke Chandler in the eye. But lately he will poke him, and say "Baby Chanwer (took a) widdle nap!" because Chandler closed his eye.

When the cousins were in town, Chance, of course, got possessive. Chalk it up to being 2 years old and the second child. Anyhow, when someone would be in the vicinity of Chandler, Chance would give Chandler a protective hug and tell everyone "My Baby Chanwer!"

The boys have been watching Toy Story 2 lately. So today Chance asked to ride the "horsey" (ride on my back), then proceeded to say "Yoda - lay - eee - ewww." He's yodeling like the Yodeling Cowgirl, Jessie.

Charlie's Bible Class teachers have been on break lately, which means he "gets" to go with us to the big church service on Sundays. A couple of weeks ago, our pastor was talking about the many times that Israel faced unsurmountable odds, in a time when people would've said "No way are they getting thru that" yet the Israelites had Yahweh on their side and were victorious. So he would say "No Way!" and have us say "Yahweh" in response. I had no idea Charlie was paying attention until he asked me the other day if we could play the "No way - Yahweh" game. He has me say "No way" then he exclaims "Yahweh!!"

It's been droughting here, as you can see by the boys reaction to the much needed rain shower:
Rain! Glorious Rain!


4th of July (point and shoot)
Charlie's self portrait.

Charlie can now recognize every letter of the alphabet, and almost all of their sounds. He is getting closer to reading every day!

Charlie has begun to compare things. Like who got more croƻtons in their tomato soup. And how many cups of kool aid Chance got compared to him in one day. He has suddenly decided that if he can keep score on everything, he'd get more of what he wants. And if he doesn't, he has an excuse to sulk, pout, growl, fall to the ground, and cry, "You give Chance more than me!" I guess he's tired of having to share and has decided jealousy is the best way to get back.

Chance is saying more words. When I take the time to really decipher it, he is very descriptive. Once his annunciations catch up with his vocabulary, we're going to have quite the linguist! (Say that sentence three times fast, I dare ya!)

So in love

Chandler is loving the jumper and saucer now. He's also eating a jar of baby food a day. He's practicing sitting up by himself. And he's starting to tell stories - baby noises plus motorboat sounds. He also recognizes the tylenol bottle and gets excited. Sad, huh? All three boys were lil druggies at that age.

Chandler has had the painful reflux that Charlie dealt with, and he spits up more than any baby I've ever seen. It's a wonder he can even gain weight! And he has the recurrent ear infections Chance suffered from, yet his disposition is so sweet and happy. We are truly blessed.


Mells said...

I love all the little tidbits that you blog about. Those are the things that you forget unless you write about them. :) The boys are so BIG! Each month as I see the pics and videos, I"m amazed at how fast they are getting. :)
Thanks for always sharing. God bless you all!

Kristi said...

That first video is sooo cute with Chance and Charlie running in the rain. Thanks for the comment about my baby bump....Next thursday we find out the sex:)

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVE your new blog header! It looks great! Im so impressed! And that picture is precious!