Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girls Versus Boys

I apologize for the lack of funny stories lately. Unless you count the 3 hour marathon of spankings the other day that led to the boys finally going down for a nap (and their momma too), we've been a little short on funny stories. I'm hoping to laugh about the spanking marathon someday. But the point is, the boys are pushing boundaries right now, and discipline is in high demand. And if you don't mind, please pray for Chuck and I - that we don't lose our minds!

But there is one observation that I have found quite funny.


Last week, when the cousins were in town, I got to spend the day with my one and only niece, Ruby. She just turned 3, so she's 6 months older than Chance. I thought I'd know how to best entertain this age... what I didn't think about is how different girls are!

So I handed her a box of sidewalk chalk and led her to the porch to so we could draw. She carefully took the pieces out of the box, arranged them in groups by color, and would draw a little bit. Then she'd carefully organize them back in the box. She even found the loose chalk laying around the porch and added them to her collection.

Watching her made me accept my own cleaning and organizing ways a little more.

Then a few days later, I handed Chance a box of sidewalk chalk. He promptly broke them all into pieces, then had a contest with Charlie to see who could throw the chalk the farthest off of the porch. Needless to say, he never even drew on the ground with the chalk.

I think it's a little obvious that there's a big innate difference between boys and girls. And watching the boys made me accept Chuck a little more. Ha!


Scott said...

First, I am glad we are not the only ones with discipline problems. I am sure a lot of it is attention, but for your case, you would think they would be used to it :) Sorry, don't mean to make light of the situation, just know you are not alone. Matthew has been testing Michelle much more these days. He knows he can't get away with it from me because he doesn't a spanking ;) But Michelle tends to argue more so he pushes more.

Secondly, thanks for the reminder on how different they are. I almost hope for a tomboy who will watch and throw the football with me :)

And please don't post more often. It makes me feel like I am not falling down on the job as much ;) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny Angie! I am going to need some serious advice when the day comes for a child for us! I want a boy, but now I'm a bit intimidated! Although, boys are easier later or so I've been told!

Kathy said...

Boy mama's unite!

I have 3 nieces. 3 adorable nieces. 3 nieces I love to dress up.

3 nieces that can out "mood" swing my boys anyday and twice on Sunday. :)

Most days I think I'm enough estrogen for this house...God knows what He's doing:)

(Ruby is ADORABLE!)

Mells said...

I had to laugh when reading this post because that's exactly how Rachel would have handled that situation! She's always making sure everything is in it's place and doesn't want them broken. ;) That's too cute! :) Love you! Melony