Friday, July 4, 2008

Fool's Gold

Last month our water company told us our bill would be going up - and it doubled from $30 to $60 a month. Yesterday I received our utility bill. I had heard that their rates were going up, but nearly fainted when I saw that it's now $100+ more a month!! At what point do we consider this fuel crisis a "depression" instead of a "recession"?

Anyhow, all that made me regret spending $5 on this movie at Blockbuster:

With ol' Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, I was expecting something clever and funny like "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." I was sorely disappointed. Am I the only one? Predictable plot, cheesy acting, weak comedy - all around waste of time. Did I mention there's a part where a woman on a boat who flashes her boobs (which had nothing to do with the movie)- and it's still rated PG-13?

I think I'll go back to renting the $1 movies from the little kiosks at HEB. Anyone with me on this one? Have you seen any good movies worth renting lately?


Scott said...

Well that bites, I think it's third on our NetFlix Queue :( Think I will move PS I Love you above it, thanks Angie. I thought "Vantage Point" was good, Michelle enjoyed it. Wouldn't recommend it with the boys though, lots of shooting and explosions. If you haven't seen "August Rush" I think it's a must see especially if you are into music.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised about this movie too. Hoping it to be cute like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The part I couldn't get over was that I head read somewhere that Kate was disgusted by Matt's lack of use of deodorant. That he likes to go 'au natural' and she said he smelled. that just grossed me out through most of the movie.

Stacia said...

You have been the blogging girl recently. I'm so proud. Thanks for posting movie reviews. When we don't go to the movies I always have a hard time figuring out what movies to rent because I haven't seen any of the previews. Sad, but true.

I saw The Other Boelyn Girl the other day and really liked it. We watched Charlie Wilson's War last night and I thought it was okay.

By the way, I'm with you on expensive stuff. We got our electric bill, $260 and we normally keep our ac on 80! Stefan has been the electricity nazi since and turns off the light and closes the blinds. I told him I feel like I'm living in a vampire cave. I guess I can handle it while he's home but when it's me and the kiddos, lights on, blinds open. :)

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

I cant believe the water bills either! Ours was almost $100 too! Hard to swallow! I'm not much of a movie person - sorry for no recommendations. Im more of a watch the ones I have over and over - pretty boring :)