Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Day at the River

In the summer, my dad's schedule revolves around Saturdays at the River. The Guadalupe River. The River, that many people sit in tubes and float down. The River, that those tubers tend to flip into as they go over waterfalls. The River, that has lots of loot on the bottom from tubers flipping out. The River, that needs a SCUBA diver to keep its bottom clean. The River, that is my dad's treasure island. Ya followin' me?

And I have to quantify that, with this: My dad doesn't just dive for the loot. The thrill for him is to find the owners. His greatest joy comes at the various thank you cards he's received, and stories of how the personal items (watches, rings, wallets, etc) meant so much to the owners, and how much they appreciate Dad for finding them. There are other divers that would knowingly keep something even if they meet the owner, who's begging to know if their item was found. But not my dad. I don't think there's a greedy bone in his body. It's all about the hunt for him.

Anyhow, there are plenty of items that he doesn't find owners for, which he gives to us. Sunglasses, tshirts, towels, etc. And the occasional scary mask.

It's a scary Charlie!
(Can you guess who's wearing it?)

The exciting thing for us shore-lovers is watching the water for Dad's bubbles as he dives below.

People watchin'

But occasionally we get bored with that and decide water gun fights are better. In tubes, of course.

A Day on the Guadalupe

Although sometimes we just cuddle up in the tube and pretend we really don't need a nap.
A Day on the Guadalupe

Sometimes we just soak up some Nana love.

A Day on the Guadalupe

And some Daddy love.

A Day on the Guadalupe

And some Mommy love.

A Day on the Guadalupe

But the best part of the Big Daddy himself.

A Day on the Guadalupe

A Day on the Guadalupe

A Day on the Guadalupe


Kathy said...

What a great story!

And what wonderful memories for the boys!

Mells said...

I love it! I was wondering what your dad was doing with scuba gear!;) That's so great! :) Good job Big Daddy. :)

Kelly said...

Oh I have great memories of days there! Most of them include walking away with a brand new set of shades, though I also remember the time I finally got up the courage to go over the waterfall with Jess, and everyone PROMISED we'd be fine and wouldn't flip over, but... well you can imagine how that ended. :) But I still have some Uncle David glasses! Glad to hear he's still getting out there!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story!