Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Week has flown by

Life is going at break-neck speed lately, and I can hardly believe I've been MIA for that long on this blog!

First of all, we had four, count'em, four parties to attend this weekend. We were in Austin Thursday night - Saturday night. It was all fun, but all together exhausting. Things like that were no big deal when we were childless...but you throw 3 kids into the mix and even the most delightful events are also daunting tasks.

We've also had our van in and out of the shop for about 4 weeks now. Another thing that's not easy on 3 kids, or our pocketbook for that matter. ;)

Anyhow, enough complaining. I have pictures! Unfortunately the only party I got pictures of was the one where I didn't have kids. Nana, Big Daddy, and Aunt Annie babysat the boys so Chuck and I could attend Ryan's 30th birthday party. Thanks so much, y'all! Getting time away from all 3 boys is quite uncommon. And I savored every minute - by taking pictures!

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party
For those who care, here is one pic I'm so proud of - because it's in focus despite the super low lighting! I'm even more in love with my 50mm f2! Yep, I'm a dork.

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party
I got to catch up with my dear friend Adam, and meet his sweet wife and son! Adam and I attended seminary together and I am amazed at how much he's been thru. If only I had the time to tell his story...

Elijah's getting big, huh?!!
And check out this one year old boy. He's getting so big!!

Also while in Austin, I had the honor of meeting Sophia, my friend Brandy's newest little one. She was a week old, and so teeny tiny. She's just beautiful.

Meeting Sweet Sophia

One other thing while we were in Austin...We had acquired some ride on toys last visit, but they needed some work. Chuck and his dad got'em fixed this time. So check out the boys' sweet rides:

It would make Big Daddy so proud.
Someday I'll teach him that it's dangerous to ride your motorcycle with no shirt on. Gotta be protected in case of road rash...

He loves the new fire truck
Same thing goes for fire fighting... But I'll let'em enjoy the shirtless freedom for a bit longer.

What's up, Bro?!
I think they're digging the new rides...

Speaking of rides...Big Daddy recently got Charlie the hook ups for his first bike. Every time we visit, Charlie gets better at it. He's getting so big, too.

New Chapter of Life


PCS No More
It makes him so happy, he will actually pose for the camera!

And from my last post...

It was windy at the gym pool..
Chance, the explorer, enjoys some windiness at the gym pool.

365 of Chandler
Chandler preferred the hot wind to the cold water.

Playground updated
The playground has gravel now!

Please Dad, let me play on the computer
Chandler has discovered the computer and is quite drawn to it. He gets that from Chuck...right?! ;)

Silly boy
We are far too serious around here.

365 of Chandler
See what I mean?!

This is the true Chance
Oh, and look closely at this face. He's up to something for sure.
"Hey Chancey, whacha up to?"

The blank stare
Ahh, nevermind.


Mells said...

AWWWWWWW, thanks for sharing the wonderful pics! You really do so well with your photography and blogging! I am so glad that you introduced me to this whole new world of blogging. I'm totally hooked! (Now if I could just blog more myself, I'd be better!) ;)
God bless you and it was good chatting with you earlier today! :) Love and miss you, Melony

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

I am beyond amazed at all the pictures you take! What a sweet post! Your boys are so handsome! Sounds like you had a great (but very busy) weekend! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through your flickr stream. Are you really in SA? Adorable boys!