Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Always catching up

That's how life feels lately. Housework, bills and paperwork, Bible study, time with family - it's always in effort to "catch up." Overwhelming? Yes! So it's become my goal to enjoy each moment, even if there are stacks of work to be done everywhere. No more Mommy monster...that's my focus.

And that's how it is with blogging, I guess. If my almost-daily posting was a sign of how sedentary I was while pregnant, my lack of posting shows how little time I get to sit anymore. But either way, life is good.

Here are a few things we've enjoyed this last couple of weeks.

1. A visit from Lacey! Chuck's cousin Lacey moved here from Austin for a year to attend UTSA awhile back. We have missed her since she moved back to Austin, so she comes to visit! The boys LOVE Lacey. She even watched all 3 boys so Chuck and I could go to dinner. What a saint, right?!!

And Lacey and I took the boys to our gym to go swimming. Since she was with me, we were able to let them go without life jackets. To my amazement, they are both really good in the water! Charlie can truly swim now. He stands beside the pool, jumps in, swims about 3 yards to meet me, then turns around and swims back. We need to practice more so he can ride the big twisty slide. And Chance, my I'm-scared-of-water kid (6 months ago), is now a changed boy. He goes under the water without a problem, and even holds his breath right. He loves to kick his feet, no surprise there. It won't be long before he's swimming, too. It was a moment when I felt that Mommy guilt that maybe I'd been holding them back too long because I was so afraid of them swimming without life jackets. So hopefully we'll continue to work on it this summer.

Thank you so much, Lacey, for coming to see us. We love you!!

Charlie's favorite game
[Making funny faces.]

2. Father's Day. I had already posted about the dads in my life...But here's what we did to celebrate. We gave Chuck a shirt to match the boys' shirts, and went to church. We were like a little parade with our "Chuck" shirts. Charlie still doesn't understand why I don't have one. LOL. Then, during nap time for the younger ones, Charlie and Chuck went out to purchase his Father's Day present: a grill. Not just any grill, but the one he's wanted for a long time. It has a gas and charcoal grill side-by-side. Then Chuck assembled it in the 100 degree heat, and managed to grill us some delicious dinner! It was a fun day!

We're geeks :)
[All the geeky ones in their tshirts.]

A man and his grill
[Look closely, you can see how red Chuck is from the heat!]

Can you smell it from here?
[Too bad you can't smell and taste this thru the blog, right?!]

3. Milestones. In addition to swimming, the boys have had more milestones.

~Charlie had his first dentist visit with no cavities! After all we went thru last year, this is a big relief.

~Charlie also has a new computer game which means he gets to play on the computer all by himself. He's getting so big!

~Chance also had his first dental visit ever - and also had no cavities. We made those lifestyle changes (especially limiting the chocolate milk!) just in time for him, I think.

~Chandler started laughing, rolling from belly to back, and eating cereal in the last 2 weeks. He's also up to 17 pounds, which Chuck and I are feeling it - our arms are sore! LOL.

Charlie loves the dentist
Charlie loved getting his teeth cleaned. And just imagine Chance there, same everything - because I meant to get his picture, but Chandler was fussy so it didn't happen :(

Charlie's concentrating face while playing a computer game, ha!!

Little joys
Chance, playing at the pool.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

First time to eat cereal
Cereal face!

Sleep in Heavenly Peace
I was so relieved he finally went to sleep after a fussy spell, I had to take a picture!! Doesn't it just relax you to see it?? I could stare at it all day.

Curly tongue

Now I'm off, to catch up on yet more thing...Do you ever feel "caught up"?

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