Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks to Feminism, Continued

So, 1.5 years ago I wrote a post about how I've come to realize the hold feminism had on me, and how contrary it was to God's plan for my life. It never occurred to me until I had these kids that they are my profession, and that there may not be another career for me in my life. God has been showing me where I believed many lies, and has shown me how I need to follow His plan if I want true success - by His standard, not by the world's.

He's still in the process of showing me my role as a wife and mother, and a person in general. But this week in particular, I've come across two resources that really made me think hard about it all. The first was a sermon by John MacArthur. I think it is about 15 minutes long. Just to warn you, he's a bit of a confrontational preacher, but I really respect that about him. The things he says about a wife's role are quite counter-cultural, which really, when is the Bible not counter-cultural?! Jesus definitely was.

Anyhow, the other resource was this article. It was written by the daughter of an extreme feminist. It's quite sad, but it shows you how -if you think feminism through- it ends up hurting everyone. Everyone loses out, even the woman/feminist. I've become more aware of how it's robbed women of the joys of family life. Not only do they miss time with their kids, even when they are home, it's hard to be emotionally there, because you're just so exhausted and overwhelmed. And some women choose to not to marry or have children because of this false doctrine, but then, when it's too late in life to have kids of their own, they regret it. Oh how I hurt for them! They've been fooled, robbed, deceived.

I know this is a controversial issue, and I'm not seeking to stir debate. The truth is, I was once on one side, and now I'm switching over... But I find this topic to be highly relevant, not only in my life, but the lives of many of my favorite girlfriends. ;) If you're reading this, you're probably one of those. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm all ears...


Kathy said...

So true Angie, great post!

I too was on the other side at one time. If you were to tell me 11 or so years ago that I would be staying home and raising children, I would have laughed and shown you my 10 year plan complete with career goals (and then went on and on about how oppresive staying at home is)

I cannot imagine myself doing anything else! What an amazing job this is! How funny that the God who created us, knows what's best for us...who'da thought?!

Johhny Mac's a stud..I'll have to check that sermon out

Hope this finds you well!

Rachel said...

I too am at that point in my life. I came about my son unexpectedly and prior to him I actually had no intentions of having children. I was going to get my pHD and cure cancer or something. Then Zach came along and changed all that. I love being a mommy and although I have been doing it on my own...desperately desire a husband and father for myself and Zach. I just want the right one. I enjoy being a baseball mom/chef/driver/waitress/nurse. It really is the best job ever; its just not my only job right now....but its the more important of the two and the reason I have a job where I only have to work about 200 days a year. I think more women think like you.....they just don't push it in your face like the feminists do.

Alienhost said...

Maybe I can help stir-up some debate here. Basically, by being a guy, I can honest say that our simplistic and personal understanding of feminism is this: Everything that men say or do is automatically wrong and women are perfect and absolutely everything that is wrong with the universe is the fault of the male gender and if all men could just be striped of all their power, dignity and personal identity, we would be living in a Utopia of mythical proportions. There would be no hunger, no suffering, bugs would no longer bite us, fire could no longer burn us etc.
This kind of ideology make it impossible to work as a team with someone, especially the context of relationship or marriage. So I can understand exactly what Angie is saying about the destructiveness of this philosophy.
On the other hand, I cant deny the fact men can be jerks half the time, and yes, male-chovanism is alive and well. And so is Racism for that matter, even though slavery was ended over a hundred years ago. Do men need to become more aware of their subconscious (and overt) desires to control women? Sure, that would probably be a good idea.!
However, the problem with the ideology of Feminism is that women are not perfect either. Just because you are oppressed doesn't mean you are a perfect person and right 100% of the time. Its just such a turn-off to constantly have to hear someone tell you that all their problems are someone else's fault. That gets old real fast. Weather its your boss, you're landlord, "whitey," or "the liberal media," are those people really out to get you? Absolutely! But you have no control over other people.... You can can only control your reaction to those people. Trying to control those people is a called "co-dependancy." And I should know, because I am also a recovering co-dependant.
So in conclusion... I'm suggesting that feminism is very weird form of co-dependancy and also a form of denial about your own identity. Nobody is perfect, not even women. By placing all the blame on men, feminists are externalizing aspects of themselves that they refuse to see and perpetuating their own denial which can only keep you from growing spiritually.

Raena said...

There are two books I am interested in reading about this and thought you might be too.

Family Driven Faith
By: Dr.Voddie Baucham

Housewives Desperate For God
By: Jennie Chancey