Friday, May 30, 2008


Lately, a great therapy for me has been to watch the boys do what I did as a kid.


It started with Charlie's tree-climbing. He's become quite the monkey. Chance usually follows him as far as he can, then they both cry for me to help them get down. But still, it's so fun to watch. It brings me back to the times that I climbed all the trees on my Grandparents' street, without a care in the world.

Another echo of my own childhood has been cereal boxes. Remember as a kid when they put toys in the cereal box? I recently bought a box of cereal that had a speed racer car as a prize, making Charlie deliriously happy. To my delight, the toy was separate from the cereal in the box, so I didn't have to empty the whole thing to find it, like we used to. The funny thing is, Charlie thought it was so neat to have the surprise, that he buried a lego guy in the cereal. Other than the fact that it startled me half to death - like maybe it was a scorpion or something - it really made it like when I was a kid...

With all the deaths in my family lately, I'm keenly aware of just how short life is. And the little things like tree climbing and cereal boxes have reminded me of what a great childhood I've had and how wonderful it is to watch my children grow.

It's wonderful


I hear things like this:

Charlie has said to me...

"When I grow up, I'll be an old man. Then I'll die. Then you'll only have 2 kids, Mommy."

"When I grow into a guy, I'll live in a different house. Ok, Mommy? I won't live here anymore; I'll live somewhere else."

Um, I take back all that "wonderful" stuff now. I think I need a different therapy. Ha!


Anonymous said...

I am not to excited about my kids moving out either. I like having a houseful of kids making lots of noise! Things would be too quiet with out them here!

Mells said...

I love this post! you are right about remembering our childhood when watching our own kiddos! ;) I love to see the joy and excitement of each and every day. It's amazing to see how fast we lose that twinkle in our eyes as we age.