Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy, Funny, Random

To follow up my last post, here are a few happy, funny, or random moments we've had lately.

Last week Charlie found a bunch of balloons and wanted to have a water balloon fight. I kept delaying him for a few days, but finally decided to drop the housework and just have fun. I didn't take pictures because of all the water around, but it was a blast. Chuck even took a break from work so the boys could use him for target practice. Then he turned the hose on all of us!

"Please stop taking my picture!

A few days ago, Charlie climbed up in a tree, and got too scared to get back down. So he called for Batman and Superman to save him.

Last night we were watching the story of Moses and Charlie asked why they put baby Moses in the basket, and as I explained to him, he said "Jesus will protect him."

As I've mentioned before, Charlie likes to play merchant. A few days ago, he marched around the house saying "Brothers for sale!"

Yesterday Charlie said he was a zombie and started walking around the house with his arms out. Chuck asked him where he learned about a zombie. He whispered, "When I watch that bad show that mommy doesn't like, at Big Daddy's house, but I can't remember the name of it." Then Chuck asked what zombies eat, and he said "Just food, Daddy!" (like, Duh!)

Elijah turns 1

Last night, after I put the boys to bed, Chance got up saying "Je Ja Whirl." It took me quite awhile to realize he was saying he wanted me to sing "Jesus loves the little children - all the children of the world."

We were looking at a book and Chance says, "Wook, Mommy! Ightning McKeen!" So I said, "Yep, there's Lightning McQueen." "No Mommy, Ightning McKeen!" Instead of teaching him how to talk, he's teaching me, ha!

Speaking of talking, one thing I hear continually from Chance is "More bible (apple) juice, pweas."

Silly tongue

Chandler had his 2 month check up today - He's 90th percentile for everything: height, weight, head size. At 3 weeks he was only 90th for head size, and 50th for the others. So his body is catching up! He's 14 pounds and just over 2 feet tall.

ducky boys

Sad Duckies

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