Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog before we Go-Go

Ok, so before I attempt to unpack the suitcases from last week and repack for our trip today, I thought I'd procrastinate by writing a little.

Some funny things:

1. Many times when we're in the car, as Charlie sits in the third row of the minivan, he'll yell to me, "Mommy, you're on the wrong road. You're going the wrong way. This isn't the way home." And most recently: "Are we there yet? This is taking a LONG time." And my favorite, "Watch out everybody, my mommy is driving!" Chuck thinks it's hilarious (because I'm always telling him how to drive). Charlie has decided at the tender age of 4 that he knows more than I do.

And I think, "Why was I so excited when you started talking?!"

2. One story I meant to share 2 months ago - while I was in the hospital with Chandler, I called the boys, who were at our home with our extended family. All the boys had to say was that they wanted me to come home and fix them apple juice. LOL I can't wait for the day when they can fix their own drinks, ha! I won't be a waitress anymore -or interrupted for that reason all the time!

3. Yesterday I took the boys out for our weekly store run. I kinda dread getting them out of the house by myself, for fear that someone will get hurt because I'm too outnumbered to protect them all. But yesterday I told them if they would behave, I'd take them to the park. It worked, and I had to fulfill my promise...instead of taking them home for naps. Other than Chance constantly running off, and Charlie barreling down the slide, planting his feet in the back of a little boy Chance's age, who then went was a successful trip. Then we went to church. In their Bible classes, Charlie got in trouble for not listening, and Chance entertained his teacher by laughing at everything. Can you say delirious? I think I'll make sure they get naps next week. ;)

4. While Chandler still has that sweet baby cry, anytime he cries, Charlie says, "I just can't take it anymore!" LOL Just wait til he gets older, Charlie - you'll get a taste of the headache inducing crying sessions we endured with you!

Ok, and now for pictures:

I've finally figured out how to make storyboards in Photoshop Elements:
chance swinging dyptich
Chance loves swinging, I think more than a normal kid. He could swing all day!

Guess who is 2 months old today?! :)
chandler 2 months
He's sleeping more at night, but more about that later.

The temps are rising, you know what that means: watermelon!
watermelon lover

Last week, as we went back to SE Texas for my Aunt Delores' funeral, we were able to visit my grandpa (actually he's my ex-step-grandfather, but whatever). Chuck got these sweet photos:

4 Generations (just missing one hand)

And now for some family love:
Loving on baby brudder

Daddy time

Proud Big Brother

Oh, and Chance's boo boo is almost gone:
Boo boo is almost all gone!

And somebody has been flashing us lots of smiles:
Finally caught a smile!

And sometimes a pout:
heart melter

About sleeping...In parenthood, there are two options when it comes to caring for your baby: attachment parenting, and Babywise. With Charlie, I read a book by La Leche League, and kept Charlie close to me at all times. I always tried to soothe his cries ("on demand feeding"), and nursed him constantly. He wouldn't take a pacifier, so I do mean constantly! He had to nurse to go to sleep (which translated into chocolate milk in a sippy cup when I weaned him = $5K in dental bills last year, and an abscessed tooth!). We had to move him out of our bed at 18 months which wasn't pleasant either.

When Chance was 8 weeks old (Chandler's current age), I read a book called "Babywise" and gave this type a shot. It said that you need to teach the baby to soothe himself. When you know he's not hungry or dirty or anything but tired, you put him in the crib and let him cry it out. And you feed him when he wakes up, followed by keeping him awake for at least 10 minutes during the day, then a nap. It's a 3 hour schedule, that supposedly causes the baby to get his days and nights straight, and start sleeping thru the night quickly in his own bed. It took 3 more months with Chance before he slept thru the night, which was followed by ear infections, so he didn't sleep thru the night for a year, and I was a zombie. It was much harder than just keeping him in bed with us to nurse at night.

With Chandler, I thought I'd try Babywise again, but when he kept waking up every 30-90 minutes thru the night, and was in pain with reflux, I gave up on the night thing. But during the day I do nurse him when he first wakes up, let him be awake if he wants to be, then put him to bed, although not on a set schedule. But at night I'm doing the attachment thing, keeping him in bed with me. And the result - he's skipping a feeding already! He started last week. He typically eats and goes to bed around 9 PM and sleeps until at least 1:30 AM. The only problem is that I usually stay up late cleaning, but last night I finally got to bed at 10 PM. While I am behind on house work (and packing, ha!), I got some decent uninterrupted sleep. Hallelujah! I just hope getting him out of our bed eventually isn't too tough. ;)

I know this was really long, sorry. Seems like that's the only way I can blog these days. Thanks for sticking it thru! Now I'm off to pack for 5 people (feels like 500). I will return later from Austin with pics of a one-year-old Elijah and all his cuteness! Happy Birthday, Elijah!


Mells said...

Wow! You've been super busy! I am amazed at all that you do! I miss you very much! I guess we've both been really busy! I am going to have to join that family bible class to see you more this summer. ;) I am planning on getting ben to go with me to something this summer and I plan on registering for the women's summer bible study. :)
Well, Love you and miss you so much! God bless you all and thanks for always sharing!

Kathy said...

What great stories (I can totally relate to the baby crying issue, Sam always says "He's crying, I think you need to nurse him, make him stop crying:)

Great pictures! What a beautiful family!