Tuesday, April 1, 2008

(Moving) Pictures

So we bought a point-and-shoot camera...I feel like I'm betraying all that I've learned about photography by going back, but it was the only way to get videos of the kids again! I have a camcorder, but it uses tapes and takes way too much processing to get it online, ya know?! Who has time for that when you have a newborn? Especially a cute lil snoring newborn:

Funny Snores

Did I mention that I lost the tape from my camcorder that had important things like Charlie's 4th birthday and Chandler just after birth on it?! It's killing me that I can't find it. And that's why this point-and-shoot is great. Like when I need to document the abuse and torment Charlie endures anytime he sees Nana & Big Daddy. It's tough to be a beloved grandson, ya know?!

And lastly, check out Chancey boy. He LOVES trains. But please don't notice my messy house. I've got too much on my plate to worry with cleaning - things like feeding the baby, bathing the dirty boys, sleeping...and writing blogs. ;) But do notice his shirt: it says "My brother did it." Now he has 2 brothers to blame.


Mells said...

I just love those little clips! I am glad that my point and shoot camera has the video feature too. I use it all the time! I have a camcorder and have not used it in a year! :( I need to start again. :)
Anyhow, thanks for taking time to share. :) I love it! :) BTW, I LOVED holding Chandler. :) He's so cute! I am glad that I am able to hold him a bit during class. It's pretty therapeutic for me. :) God bless you!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, my parents moved last June. They now live in Spicewood on the lake. They are loving being out "in the country." We'll have to have a get together over there sometime. And no, my brother wasn't a wave boarding champion - just for the video, but he wishes! :)
Love you and miss you!

yelaklleps said...

I love getting to see your boys in action! I'm afraid I snore like Chandler...haha! They are too cute! It's so exciting for me to get to see how the Lord has blessed your cute little family...that's not so little anymore. You have precious boys! I hope one day I get to see them in person!

Also it's nice to look and see that you made it past the season in life where I now am, and so it's reassurance that the Lord will get me thorugh it as well ;)