Friday, April 11, 2008

Drama & Trauma

That's the best way to describe life lately. The drama part is just from being emotional due to lack of sleep. And maybe a little because Chuck was out of town this week. Thankfully, Nana is my hero, she always saves the day. She came to stay with me the first few days, then we all went to Austin.

Nana's Boys
[Nana and all her grandkids]

Which leads to the trauma. Yesterday, we took the boys to Chik Fila and Chance fell and hit his head on ledge (not even a sharp ledge) - and got a DEEP cut in between his eyebrows. As you may know, the face tends to bleed profusely. And my stomach doesn't take the sight of blood very well, especially when it is all over my beloved child! We kept napkins on it until it stopped, and someone called 911. The firemen got there first, and checked him over and told me that really he only needed stitches (no concussion, thank You, Lord!), so we took him to an urgent care and he got one stitch inside the wound, and three on the outside. To see him now, you wouldn't think it was that bad. But my stomach churns and I get light-headed just thinking about when it was bleeding. I know this is just the first of many ER visits we'll have to make, having 3 boys...I think I'm just going to wrap them all in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives! Ha!

Big boo boo

Then late last night Chuck got in to Austin and we are now enjoying a relaxing weekend in my favorite place - Marble Falls! Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, I couldn't ask for more. The timing is great, I needed this, heh!

I have lots of pics to share and funny stories of the boys - but my online time is limited, so stay tuned, I'll get it up soon! Until then, here's a short sneak preview:

Inspired by flickr


Just to compare...
[Chandler's getting big, can you tell?!]


Mells said...

I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through that! I HATE blood too! Just the thought of what you had to go through makes me sick! :( I am glad to hear that Chance is okay! He is a trooper and SO ARE YOU!!!
God bless you and the boys! :)
Love, Melony

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh angie, have we got it in for us. Having boys were going to be in the ER, alot! i just put them in gods hands being there his children he just gives us the privilage to care for them while here on earth, Glad Nana saved you! hope may is better :) love yall jenna