Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching up (aka A Long Post)

Just playing around

~ While I'm sitting on the floor of Chik Fila, cradling Chance, covered in blood, in total panic, waiting for the EMS to arrive (you get the picture, right?) - Charlie comes up to me and says, "Mommy I want ice cream." I tell him we can't get one because we have to take Chance to the doctor. He puts his head down to his chest and marches off with clenched fists, in a huff (and probably to go ask Nana, in case she'd give in...). I guess I'm glad Charlie didn't realize how bad things were for Chance. Oh, to be an oblivious kid again, wouldn't it be wonderful?!

~Ever since Easter, Charlie's really been into hunting things, or at least hiding things for others to hunt. At first, it was all the Easter eggs, over and over again. Then he got into Daddy's wallet and decided to hide all of the contents around the house. A deck of cards, a package of diapers, and finally the other day, he pulled out all of the wipes from a container,

~Charlie's favorite things these days are
-learning letters (and we're getting close to learning words)
-Baby Brother
-Watching way too much TV, ha!
-Pretend playing. He loves to play store, and often goes around the house selling something.
"Strawberries for sell for free!" he'll call out all thru the house.

Great big brother
[Charlie is such a great help with Chandler!]

~Charlie recently described to me what every number looks like. I didn't realize he could recognize them all until then, I was just blown away.

~Chance will mimick anything Charlie will do. He tries to tell me what letters and numbers he sees on things. And as we were walking the other day, Charlie pretended to run into a sign - so you know Chance had to do it, too.

Mimicking brother

~Chance isn't doing too well today. After his bobo on Thursday, he went to Nana's house Friday while Chuck and I went to Marble Falls. By Friday night he was running fever, which persisted thru Saturday afternoon, so we've cut our trip short and brought him home. His fever is unrelated (per the doctor), and we have antibiotics for whatever bug he's fighting.

You can see it doesn't hurt

~Life with kids is so unpredictable. It's hard to make any sort of plans. Like how we planned to have family portraits taken by my favorite photographer, Brandy, on Friday morning - so of course Chance's bobo happens the day before...

~Chance's new thing is bubbles!! He's always loved them, but now he can blow them by himself, which makes it that much more fun. So I got out the camera the other day and had fun with them, too.



~Chance is loving Chandler. He often wants to play with him, but I've asked him to just kiss him instead because he's too rough. He laughs at everything Chandler does, especially his little burps.

"Kiss baby Chanwer, Mommy?"

~Chance's newest words are "funny" and "What?" along with "My name Chance" to anyone he meets. He learned that from Charlie. He often tells me when things are funny or "coot" (cute), usually in reference to Chandler. His favorite word is still "No," which is the automatic response to any question he's asked. Suffice it to say, he is living up to the term "terrible two's."

Little (Big) Foot

Big eyes
[Chandler (and I) keep having to fight off thrush, thus the purple lips from medicine.]

~Chandler's newest thing is smiling! It's a beautiful thing. I've yet to catch it on camera since the one time I caught it in his sleep. One morning he was looking around and Chuck caught him cooing and smiling. Then he smiled for Nana about a dozen times. At this point I gave him a talking to - he had smiled for everyone but me....So he made my day and gave me a big smile on Wednesday. He looked me right in the eye while doing it, just to let me know he meant business. It was great! ;)

Sleeptime fun
[Remember this one?]

~Chandler's also gaining a lot of control. He's 6 weeks now, and it's crazy to think that Charlie was already rolling over at this point. Chandler doesn't get the chance to roll, he's being kept upright a lot due to reflux. He's not as fussy as Charlie was with it, but he's much more uncomfortable than Chance was (yes, all 3 had/have it, yuck!). But Chandler can hold his head up and he's great at focusing his eyes now.

Bright eyes

~Chandler is loud. Much like Chance, he can project his voice. We may have to get these boys singing later in life!

Just keeping it real :)

Asleep, with hand in air
[Chandler's earned the nickname "karate man" because he's always got his hands in a karate position, even while he's asleep!]


Kelly said...

I LOVE these posts with tons of pictures and random updates. I get such a kick out of seeing them all get so big! I hope everybody gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the post - so glad that Chance is ok and not seriously hurt.