Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Best Kid Ever

Charlie's self portrait

Charlie recently asked if he could take pictures with our point and shoot camera. Finally, he's old enough to know how to do it without breaking the camera. So the picture above is one of those that he took (along with quite a few of his toys, ha!).

It just strikes me that he's growing so fast. He's looking less like a little boy everyday. He's reminding more of a kindergartener than a little kid. He's getting easier to discipline, although he's also getting more crafty at getting into trouble. He tells stories, asks many questions, helps me a lot, misses his friends and family, and wants to learn all that he can. He's learning the names of the weekdays and asks, "Is today Saturday?" and I tell him it is, he tells me "Saturn is a planet with rings around it." Hehe. He's also learning that all the days aren't named after the planets.

The best I could get

This morning as he was doting on Chandler he said, "You're the best baby ever." I asked if he's sure, since Chandler wasn't a girl, and he said, "Yeah, he's still the best baby." Then he said, "I will love you forever, baby Chandwer."

And I can't help but think, "Charlie you're the best kid ever. Even if you are strong-willed, ha!"

"And I will love you forever."


Anonymous said...

Love his self portrait!

Mells said...

He's one big boy! SO smart! :)

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Such a great post - I loved this! And the book "Ill love you forever" is one of my favorites! Love you guys!