Monday, March 3, 2008

Update on Chandler

We have a very short time of internet, but wanted to let you know, Chandler's doing better. "Amazingly" his air bubble in his chest dissipated in the first 24 hours of his life! He was able to leave the NICU Sunday night to join us in our room. He's eating very well, hasn't lost an ounce of weight, and is just beautiful (of course!). We're hoping that the hospital will release us tomorrow (Tuesday) sometime. I have tons of pics, surprise, surprise...but not good enough connection yet to upload'em, so stay tuned. As soon as we're home, we'll have lots to share ;) (I feel like I'm suffocating without internet, isn't that sad?!!)

Thanks again for your prayers...there have been so many moments where we've had no doubt God has been intervening in Chandler's behalf. God is so gracious!


Deb said...

So glad to hear that he is doing better. Praying that you all will get to go home soon. Hope to get to see you all this week end.


Ryno said...

Congrats!!! We are very happy for you guys!!!!

Ryan & Gen

Kelly said...

That is "amazing" :) Can't wait to see pics - I'll be waiting anxiously by the computer!

Mells said...

God is so good!! I'm so happy to hear that all is well. :) We can't wait to see you all and meet Chandler in person. :) I need to call you today to see if you all are home. :) I love you guys and I am continuing to pray! I'm going to see the pics now! I can't wait! :) Love always, Melony