Friday, March 21, 2008


So, we're slowly adjusting to life as a family of 5. Here are the tidbits.

First bath

Yesterday Chandler experienced his first bath. The boys thought it was the funniest thing. Chance kept bringing me parts from the breast pump, thinking that they were baby bath toys. Charlie thought the baby brush was for scrubbing, and wanted to scrub his little body clean. And afterwards, as I wrapped Chandler up in the towel, he promptly spit up, peed, and pooped! Ah, the joys of motherhood...

The boys are adjusting well to having a baby around. Chance doesn't even mind that I hold him. But Chance has now become "scared" when we put him to bed at night, and wants one of us to lay with him. I think it may be because he thinks the baby gets to sleep with us (which is partly true). And Chance has become more physically aggressive. He's been biting, pinching, etc... something Charlie never did when Chance was born.

However, Chance has his redemptive side. I have a big ugly pimple on my chin at the moment, which he says, "Bobo" and kisses for me.

My babies

Charlie is an old pro at the big brother thing. He asks to hold Chandler often. He truly delights in him.

Big Brother moment

But I guess it's just Charlie getting older that is causing other disciplinary issues. Yesterday I was so sad as Charlie told his first lie. I caught him sneaking into the cupcakes, and reminded him that he was allowed to eat one (his reward for eating well at lunch), but only one, and to stop sneaking! About an hour later I noticed that both of the cupcakes were gone. I asked him where the other cupcake went and he put his arms up in the air and said, "I dunno. Maybe they disappeared?!" It was all Chuck and I could do to hold the laughs in. Chuck asked if maybe it disappeared into his mouth, and he said, "I dunno. Maybe." I gave him a few chances to come clean, and finally he did. That's the one thing we hadn't had to deal with before, and I was just hoping that somehow he'd always be honest with us...Silly me.

Sleeptime fun

And Chandler is sleeping with us sorta...I'm really struggling with how to make this work. I had resolved that with this one I would do it right, not allow him to sleep in our bed, and feed him on a schedule, in hopes that he'd sleep through the night by 3 months of age. It was easy the first 2 weeks, because he was in the NICU, so sleeping with us wasn't an option. But that was with jaundice, so I think that might've caused him sleep well between feedings. Now that he's home and healed, he doesn't sleep well. I'm starting to wonder if it's reflux, because he spits up often and when I lay him down he kicks and arches his back, like his tummy hurts. So, at night, he wakes up every 30-60 minutes uncomfortable, and nurses every 2 hours. However, if I put him in bed with me, for some reason he sleeps well between feedings, and will go 3 hours. I just don't get it. Maybe I can't figure it out because my sleep-deprived brain isn't working fully. ;) Should I let him cry it out to go to sleep in his crib? Or should I just give up and let him sleep with us, deal with the consequences later? If you have any advice on this subject, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Deb said...

I believe in letting babies sleep with mom. After all they slept with you for 9 month inside all nice and warm. And once outside you try and put them alone in a huge cold bed. I am all for the family bed. Every one sleeps better. I have several book recommendations if you are interested.

Deb(the mom that never even bought a crib for her 2)

Lady Jane Grey said...

I remember going through this with Punky... you're constantly analyzing your actions, and nothing is really black and white! I think the bottom line is, every child is different, has different needs, and there aren't any clear cut "rules" that apply to everyone... you have to do what's best for that particular baby.

Do you have one of those bassinets that attaches to your bed? Those look great... easy access but baby is still in his own "space."

I'm so happy things are going well for y'all!!! We're praying for ya.

Raena said...
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Raena said...

Hi...I go to Oak Hills too...I think we met in the Young Families Class. ANYWAY! (I was "blog hopping" and came across yours.)

BOTH of my children slept much better when they were with us, so we just went with it. I think its pretty much for survival of the mom.

Our solution: we side carred(sp?) our crib. Basically, that means removing one side of the crib and pushing it up to the side of your bed. You secure it with bungees, so everything is safe.

It works great! I still have room to sleep well - she has her own space also - and it is super easy to nurse. That way, if she is having a tough night then I can just slide her over next to me and all is usually well.

I do childbirth education and new baby classes, so feel free to ask me anything!

Here is a website on how to set up the crib.

Raena said...
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Melisse said...

I'm on the lines of letting baby sleep with both sleep better! Most everything I said I wouldn't do, as a mother, (before I became one) I've found myself doing or allowing! Each child is different, with different needs. Plus, they are only babies for such a short time. I actually think always being there for them, at that young of an age, gives them greater security.

Anonymous said...

My little sister had 4 boys before I had my first child. I wanted to do it all 'just right' which meant baby in own bed and not with us. I would call my sister regularly and ask for her help. She was unwavering in her response, "Does it work? Then stick with it. It is only temporary." When I frantically called because we weren't sleeping unless Bristol slept in the crook of her daddy's arm propped on a pillow (with no danger of being suffocated or rolled over on) my sister asked, "Are you sleeping? Is she sleeping? Is Bo sleeping? Then what's the problem!"

Do what feels best and at this point, what gets you sleep and is still safe for all! There is plenty of time to break bad habits!

Enjoy Chandler!