Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester Three

On the playground

Before I post a play-by-play of the birth, I felt it's appropriate to wrap up the pregnancy. And if you're wondering, this record of my pregnancy is really here to remind me of why I don't want to be pregnant again. I've been warned that I'll get the "baby bug" again, and regret shutting the factory which case I'll look back at this! Ha!

While trimester one was a bit easier than normal, and the second was oddly filled with nesting, the third trimester was rougher than usual. When we spent a week in New Hampshire (kidless), I realized that it was more the fact that I was trying to chase 2 little boys around, than the idea that pregnancy was tough. I'm so over being pregnant while taking care of kids, basically. So for those of you who haven't been pregnant, I'm sorry if I've scared you into thinking it's a horrible thing. It's just very rough on your body when you have kids already. My week without kids in New Hampshire made me see how this pregnancy wasn't all that bad. When I could get adequate rest and food, life was really kinda fun! :)

So, here are the details:

1. I had heart-racing issues. That's a new one for me. Sometimes, even while sitting, I'd feel my heart pound like it was at Delta Downs. My doctor said it was probably the weather (atmospheric pressure). It happened much more often in New Hampshire, although it may be that I just noticed it more there.

2. Fatigue / feeling like a beached whale. I really lack tolerance when it comes to being huge. All of the muscle aches from trying to flip over in bed, and not being able to tie my shoes or help the boys, getting winded just from walking upstairs, and even having to sit in front of my washer and dryer in order to load it...everything just irritated me. I also had a hormone spike around 35 weeks where I was just anxious to get the pregnancy over with! God convicted me that I wasn't trusting His will for my life and I learned to settle down. But being too tired to run simple errands, or play with the boys, really became a drain. The freedom to move around is one that I am learning to value.

3. Cravings: Still pizza and chocolate, but add to the list: Coke! Not my usual Dr. Pepper, I wanted COKE! And Coke floats, too. And a new one for me was yogurt with granola. I had never eaten that much, but I binged on it in this trimester! I'll be curious to see if these cravings match Chandler's appetite.

4. We finally picked a name. And then it all seemed more real. And now as I hold him in my arms, and get his Social Security card in the mail, it just seems so cool that God entrusted us with this precious child, and he'll be called by the name we gave him (until Heaven, when we all get new names from God!). I just hope he'll forgive us that he'll always be tied to Chandler Bing on the show "Friends." Hehe.

5. Charlie slowly accepted the fact that it's a boy. Everytime I had a doctor's appointment, he'd remind me that he wanted a girl, like maybe the doctor could fix it. LOL. Since Chandler's been born, he hasn't mentioned once that he wanted a sister. He's just so in love, it's the coolest thing to watch. But once we got home and reunited with the boys, Charlie innocently asked me: "Why did you bring the baby home from the hospital, Mommy?" LOL.

6. Another odd thing about this trimester was that I didn't nest. The bigger I got, the less I cared if anything got done. Chuck got off easy, really, in having to put up with me. Although I think it was a trade off: instead of pushing him to do projects, he had to listen to me gripe about how uncomfortable I was.

7. Speaking of how uncomfortable...I gained the same amount - 40 pounds - with this guy as I did with the other two. Just don't ask me how, because I ate constantly (although it was always a small meal due to major heartburn), and ate whatever I wanted. And I still had swelling in the last few weeks.

Yet, it's amazing how I just had Chandler 12 days ago, and I can barely remember what pregnancy was like. I also marvel at him, and can't comprehend how he had fit inside. He likes to be swaddled tightly, and I think it's because he didn't have much room! But all in all, I'm so relieved and thankful that this phase is over with and we have a beautiful new life in our home as a result. To borrow a quote from Chuck, "It was worth it, but I don't want to do it again." ;)

Trimester One

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