Saturday, March 15, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Easter

OLPC open

For Christmas I ordered Chuck an XO laptop. What I didn't know is it wouldn't come in until March 14th! The funny thing is, that was my due date. So I can say that Chuck got his baby on that day. :)

This laptop is really cool. It's made by One Laptop Per Child, where it's designed for children in third world countries. It's super durable, has tons of interesting technology, etc. You can even pull on the cord (kinda like a lawn mower) in order to recharge the battery when you don't have electricity. Normally they only take donations, but in December they allowed the public to purchase one with each one donated. What they didn't know is that the public is huge! They had such a great demand, it took three months to get to our order! Chuck's way excited about his XO, and possibly writing programs to donate...

And yes, yesterday was the due date: Happy due date Chandler! It's so weird to think he'd just now be born. How much do you think he would've weighed by now? I'm thinking 45 pounds, 2 ounces. Just kidding. Chandler celebrated the day by getting over his jaundice, and losing the last of his umbilical cord. I really feel like we should throw a party!

Speaking of party...Has anyone else noticed that next week is Easter?! Wow! Time to dye Easter eggs, and go on egg hunts. For fun, I think I'll hide Chandler in the yard and let the boys find him (kidding!!). Whew, all these big events are wearing me out...or maybe it's the marathons of feeding Chandler through the night... Sleep deprivation causes random blogging, I've heard. But I don't think I suffer from it. ;)

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Mells said...

That's neat! :) I've heard of those laptops but it's cool to know someone who has one! Great gift to give Angie! I bet Chuck is so happy. :) (I love the comment about him getting his baby on the due date.) ;0)