Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life in Pictures

With the hectic schedule I'm adjusting to, there's not much to say. But I am working hard to get photos daily, so that's what I have to share.

Daddy's Boy
[Watching Charlie be a big brother again makes me so proud. And he's a daddy's boy these days.]

More Chandler

Checking out baby brother
[Chance is finding brotherhood to be a giddy thing. It'll be awhile before he really takes on the big brother role.]

Checking out baby brother
[But don't get me wrong, he's very excited about "baby Chanwer".]

More Chandler
[They're both very excited, actually.]

More Chandler
[I LOVE Charlie in this photo. Just melts my heart.]

[As for Chandler, he's working hard on growing (i.e. eating and sleeping constantly). I wish that was my job ;)]

Bubble Bath
[Today the boys had a bubble bath.]

Bubble Bath
[Can you tell?!]

Bubble Bath

And lastly...
I spy a penny
[Look closely: see the lizard? The boys loved this!]

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yelaklleps said...

Hey! If you ever want to give your boys away, I'll take them, they are adorable! I'm pretty sure you're the only person who reads my blog, lol, thanks for your sweet comments! I have been learning so much at this stage of my life and I want to share it with others so everyone can know how the Lord has changed my life.