Friday, March 14, 2008

Is it possible to overdose on photography?!

look, a SP!

So, I guess it was to be expected, but I think I'm gonna take about a million photos this year.


But really, who can blame me?!


He's just so cute, with his naked little (big) body!

more sunbathing

Can you get enough? I know I can't.

Funny Faces

Seriously, how can you not take a picture of that funny little face?!

Big Foot

...and that little (big) foot?


...and that little (big) hand?

Praying pose

Especially when those hands are in a praying position... You know you'd want to remember it always.


And when those hands are always up while he sleeps... You know that's not going to last forever.

Look who else sleeps with his hands up

Well, ok, maybe it would last forever.

But still, wouldn't you be glad you have it recorded?

Or is it just me?


Kelly said...

Wow those are amazing! You're so talented, Ang!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

I LOVE all your pictures and reading through your pregancy and birth story - God is SO good and its amazing to see how He was taking care of you each step of the way! I would LOVE to come see Chandler! Just let me know when you're ready for even more company :) Love you!

Mells said...

Thanks for sharing all of your photos! That's just GREAT!!! Love, Melony